What exactly are we kneeling for?

That’s Kareem Hunt. Supposedly protesting brutality. I’ve never yet to understand how protesting a national symbol impacts local cops. But anyways, when he wasn’t sitting idly during National Anthems in protest, he was apparently doing this:

He only apologized after he got busted lying to his employers when the video became public. So, given his propensity to inflict brutality on young girls in hotel rooms, I can see why he would protest anything to do with police, who she called to protect herself after he inflicted his brutality.

Now, to make an even bigger swipe at the whole movement, what exactly do football players do? That’s right boys and girls, they get paid to inflict brutality upon opposing players. Now, I will give some credit in that MOST don’t take that mentality to the bar and hotel rooms, but apparently some do. Then, of course, point fingers at others.

Kareem won’t be a hypocrite any more. The Chiefs let him go so he won’t be insulting the people who protect young girls from him any more.