When everyone does not mean individuals?

Elizabeth Warren is on the campaign trail. She’s working real hard on pandering to the perceived base of her party. As such, the pasty white avowed Native American had this to offer:

‘the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist . . . I mean front to back.’’

Now, let’s do something she obviously did not do, let’s examine what “front to back” means. When looking a collective group of people, for example, a line of people, it usually means that everyone in that collective is included. Hence, front of the line to the back of the line. Everyone. That’s what that means. It doesn’t mean SOME, it means ALL.

When faced with a LOT of criticism over her comments, she had this to offer yesterday:

“There are a lot of terrific people. Hardworking people, dedicated people who are in our criminal justice system,” she said…..

“They are trying to build a system that is fair and just,” she said, adding those same people have told her “reforms are needed.”

So, according to her, these “terrific” and “hardworking” and “dedicated” people in the criminal justice system just happen to be racist as well. I”m sure they love that. Being blindly labeled a racist and then having the person making the bling accusation walking away from it. Come on Warren, they are either racist or not. You said they are. Don’t equivocate when you’ve obviously lost their vote.

She’s getting a fair amount of heat over this, but still leads comfortably in her race. Apparently this is the best Massachusetts thinks they have to offer.