What exactly are we kneeling for?

That’s Kareem Hunt. Supposedly protesting brutality. I’ve never yet to understand how protesting a national symbol impacts local cops. But anyways, when he wasn’t sitting idly during National Anthems in protest, he was apparently doing this:

He only apologized after he got busted lying to his employers when the video became public. So, given his propensity to inflict brutality on young girls in hotel rooms, I can see why he would protest anything to do with police, who she called to protect herself after he inflicted his brutality.

Now, to make an even bigger swipe at the whole movement, what exactly do football players do? That’s right boys and girls, they get paid to inflict brutality upon opposing players. Now, I will give some credit in that MOST don’t take that mentality to the bar and hotel rooms, but apparently some do. Then, of course, point fingers at others.

Kareem won’t be a hypocrite any more. The Chiefs let him go so he won’t be insulting the people who protect young girls from him any more.

Mark Zuckerburg goes to Washington

I’m really not getting all this flap over Facebook. I’m really not. Bear with me for a second. Here’s the headlines, they pretty all are lockstep with the same outrage:

The hypocrisy of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

It’s a common theme on a common outrage. Mark Zuckerburg, aka Facebook, used data they collected via their platform to profit from it in various ways. They sold it to buyers who had various motivations, including vary obvious political ambitions. When it became obvious a candidate for the Presidency of the United States used it, Congress HAD to make a show. Senator Dick Durbin, a champion of “misinformation” during that same election cycle, scored liberal talking points by asking silly questions like whether Zuckerburg would mind telling him where he slept last night. This media source thought it was scoring points, I think it simply illustrates Durbin’s obvious ignorance of how social media works. Dick Durbin scares me more than Zuckerburg does in this case. For those who pay attention to what they’re doing, Facebook is not a threat. Here’s why.

You can turn all those scary “tracking” functions off VERY EASILY. Just because Durbin doesn’t know that doesn’t make it any more of a threat. That makes Durbin, relying on the the ignorance of messengers like Tim Morris at NOLA.com, more dangerous than Zuckerburg. I can turn off Facebook any time I want. A lot of people do. I can not turn off Durbin et al trying to impede my First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Think about that. If Durbin doesn’t like how the message is being presented, he’ll just harass the messenger and my speech is terminated. Mark should have gone this route, but he didn’t. He really needs to hone up on Howard Hughes’ meetings with Congress 70 years ago. He’s going to need it.

The bottom line here is a lot of people, LIKE Durbin, I think blame social media for enabling Donald Trump to become President. And there is definitely some validity to that. However, it whether it’s radio, tv, social media, or paper flyers, they are all part of the US Constitution in a HUGE way. Rather than killing the messenger, they need to adapt and learn. Even if they shut down Twitter or Facebook, there are many, many, many, other social media outlets in the world now and it’s a dyke that can’t be plugged.

People need to be outraged with the Committee that’s completely missed the mark on the Facebook “scandal”. A private company peddling it’s product is not the problem. People don’t have to give them that info. They don’t have to use the product. The problem right now is the “oversight” is apparently completely ignorant of the most popular means of communication on the planet today.