Voyager II has left the solar system

Voyager I exited our solar system about a year ago.  Voyager II apparently exited the solar system very recently.  However, it wasn’t supposed to for another year.  This told some very smart people something.  The edge of our solar system apparently is not a circle, but an egg shaped object.  To make it understandable to people like me, they did what works best, they drew a picture:

The big red thing is apparently applying pressure to the heliopause causing it to blow away from it causing the egg shaped figure.

Now, they explain what the big red thing is, sorta:

The researchers think that the heliosphere’s asymmetry might be due to a weak interstellar magnetic field pressing inward on the southern hemisphere.

It just seems to me that something that would morph the figure of our entire solar system would be something a little more exciting than a weak interstellar magnetic field.  I bet this is where conspiracy theories come from.