Tiny Solar Activity Changes Affect Earth’s Climate?

A few years ago I asked a rather famous and media saturated astronomer what he thought about the Sun’s impact on global warming.  I got a lecture that I had to be a flat-Earther to believe such garbage.

Now, it’s becoming fairly common:

…..solar energetic particles and cosmic rays could reduce ozone levels in the stratosphere. This in turn alters the behavior of the atmosphere below it, perhaps even pushing storms on the surface off course.

“In the lower stratosphere, the presence of ozone causes a local warming because of the breakup of ozone molecules by ultraviolet light,” climate scientist Jerry North at Texas A&M University told SPACE.com.

When the ozone is removed, “the stratosphere there becomes cooler, increasing the temperature contrast between the tropics and the polar region. The contrast in temperatures in the stratosphere and the upper troposphere leads to instabilities in the atmospheric flow west to east. The instabilities make for eddies or irregular motions.”

Tiny changes in solar energetic particles………

Something like this perhaps?