The Natural History of ADD, part 3

There was a medical report on tv tonight, amid all the bad football, I lost track of who ran it. I thought it was Fox, but I can’t find it now. The jist of the story was that ADD/ADHD is horribly overdiagnosed. However, in trying to find it, I found this:

There is a clinical study out now, along with many others that support the same results and probabilities, which revealed 74% of the 261 HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN (ADHD) studied, had a reaction to food additives. REACTIVE HYPOGLYCEMIA causes a burst of adrenaline, AKA “FIGHT OR FLIGHT”, a natural innate human behavioral/physiological instinctive response to adrenaline, apparently triggered by an unnatural exposure to consumed or digested amounts of chemicals or food additives. I believe most of us are also familiar with the dynamics of symtomology related to allergies. Go to WWW.LEF.ORG, look up ADD/ADHD, and take it from there. To Julie, I research “ANOMALIES”, “SYNDROME’S” and “PHENOMENONS” related to child developement and human behavior, as they relate to the advanced and industrialized countries and societies of the free world, I focus on the extreme (geographic) mathmatical and statistical probabilities and improbablities, and the unusual per capita percentage differences and contradictions, this research produces both positive and negative results, depending on the individuals knowledge, perception and/or beliefs of the reviewer of the research information and materials. Keeping an open mind is essential to any research project, you have to meticulously research and dissect the pro’s and con’s for authenticity and accuracy. There is a subliminal message usually being projected among certain orginizations and lobbyist’s “IF YOU ARE SMART, YOUR BUYING WHAT I AM SELLING?” I have to look at this every day, so it is in my opinion, from 100’s of hours of research on and about ADD/ADHD, that it is “overdiagnosed” in the U.S., and should at least be near the same per capita % as the other advanced and industrialized countries, and not 9 times the rest of the entire world combined for consumption! Sincerely TOM

Pretty heavy conclusion if you ask me, nine times the rest of the world? Let’s look closer, shall we?

ADHD is often called “the benevolent diagnosis,” says Carolee Malen, a therapist at St. Aemilian-Lakeside, a residential treatment center on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Malen, who treats children with extreme behavior problems, says she sees many who have been misdiagnosed.

“Ninety percent of the time, I’d say, that’s not really what the kid has,” she says

Basically what’s being said here is that ADD/ADHD is a way of covering up more serious “temporary” mental illnesses so the kid isn’t tagged with a worse label throughout their life. Problem is, that practice is sloppy and it’s being used against the argument of ADD/ADHD. The report I saw tonight said most kids could be treated for depression in the first place, temporarily, and the issue resolves itself as the kid matures. Problem is, schools use the ADD/ADHD issue as a cop-out to move kids into a lesser environment and tag them with that “can’t make it in school” label. If the kid has depression, treat the damned depression and get it over with. And, whatever you do, don’t let the school know.


The simple answer? If a kid has a mental illness, for sure, SOLVE OR ADDRESS THAT PROBLEM. If the kid is simply a hunter, deal with the hunter. ADD/ADHD is not necessarily a disorder or illness that has to be dealt with. Doctors lumping more serious problems such as depression into a catchall phrase like ADD is the problem.