The Draymond Green karate kick to the nuts issue

Ok, so this happened:

Even IF Draymond didn’t intend to kick Steven Adams in the nuts as hard as he could, I still think he needs to sit out a game.

This, is why.  In soccer, if someone is so out of control their body still harms or almost harms another player, it’s a flagrant foul regardless of whether they intended to hurt the other player or not.

In basketball, if someone LOOKS like they are grabbing someone in the act of staking an easy shoot, it’s an intentional, possibly flagrant foul.

In football, if a players hand makes contact with the opponents’ facemask, whether intentional or not, it’s a personal foul that will get them probably fifteen yards in penalties.

In this case, Steven Adams’ nuts had no bearing on the play.  Green had already lost the ball and was in the act of trying to recover.  I get it that he probably didn’t plan it out in advance to seize upon the opportunity, whenever possible, to kick Adams in the nuts.  However, he was so out of control, flailing his legs in such a manner to present an obvious threat to the safety of other players, that the penalty should be the same.  If they could prove he intended to do it, then a remarkably stiff ( no pun intended ) penalty should be assessed IN ADDITION to the normal penalty.


  • And so the story goes….
    Draymond would punch Lebron in the nuts in the championship series. He would be suspended for game 5, which the Warriors lost. He was smart enough to note after game 6, which they lost as well, that the series would be over if he hadn’t been suspended. He’s apparently not smart enough to know that was his fault.

  • And for the finale, the #Warriors lost game seven and the #NBA #Championship. In an odd turn of events, Draymond Green was about the only Warrior that came ready to play. Curry lost the game with awful three point shooting and Draymond took the blame.

    Very strange playoffs.