Mike Brown must go

The Bengals lost again today.

The last time they won a playoff game was 1990.

You heard that right.  1990.

I’m not talking about the Championship, I’m talking winning a single playoff game of any kind.  At any level.  They’ve not done it.

In that time they’ve been through several coaches, several quarterbacks, several star running backs, a lot of criminals, and even more players.

One thing has remained constant the entire time, the owner who inherited the team through no merit of his own, has been Mike Brown.

At this point the people are so tired of hoping Mike Brown would disappear that now you’re seeing a LOT of people pretty well accepting the fact the only way to get Mike Brown out of the picture is for the Bengals to be sold most likely to someone in another town.

I’m OK with that if it gets him out of the NFL.  Even though I was at the AFC Championship game against San Diego and about froze to death, any loyalty I had to the team has been lost.

I can get to Nashville just as easily as Cincinnati.