The Grammys go all in for the Democrats

It’s never been a secret that the music industry has been all in for the liberal political faction of the US.  More often than not, leading the radical liberal charge.  This year they didn’t mask it at all:

When questioned about having the sitting REPUBLICAN President’s opponent read from a debunked book attacking the President, the Grammy’s were fine with that.  Several other performers joined in as well.

This isn’t the first time the Grammys were accused of pandering to Hillary.

That’s right. They gave her a Grammy in 1997. How many real musicians would love to have won a Grammy?

The big problem we got is just like the Oscars, the Grammys have become so political they are not what they claim to be any more.  They do not recognize musical excellence.  They recognize political correctness.  No one knows who won best “music”.  It’s all about Hillary bashing President Trump this year.  A few years ago it was all about Kanye bashing President Bush ( because he was white ).  It’s a liberal media tool is all it is.  The real music is still where it always has been: in bars and clubs and totally unrecognized by the liberal elitists in Hollywood.