Eric Holder fighting imaginary demons, windmills, and President Trump

First, four days ago, Eric Holder tweeted this:

That tweet was based on absolutely nothing tangible happening anywhere. Not to be out done in his public display of pandering to the left’s paranoia, he tweeted this yesterday:

That one was prompted on, you guessed it, absolutely nothing happening. When questioned about possibly firing Mueller, Trump had this to say:

Asked Sunday night if he was considering firing Mueller, Trump said, “No, I’m not.”

Now, this has been a recurring speculation since January of last year.  Not one single time has Trump even hesitated in stating he has no intention of firing Mueller.  But, Eric Holder, a former US Attorney General, ignored all the evidence and gone with the speculation.  Not much of a lawyerly thing to do.  But then again, no one has ever really held Holder to a lawyerly level of ethics.  But, let’s not get in Holder’s way.  Everyone should be ready to protest anything that might possibly happen whether there’s any reason to believe it’s true or not.  That goes very easily with the liberal mantra of being outraged with everything they imagine could happen.

And you have to wonder how much his personal politics led to the mess we got going in the FBI right now.  This is the guy that felt James Comey should lead the FBI.  Nothing partisan ever came from that, did it?

He’s a partisan hack.  The very last thing this country needs right now.