Anyone else catch that Schumer flip-flop on Comey?

I doubt it.  So, here it is again:

“I do not have confidence in him any longer,”

Not to be outdone, Nancy Pelosi chimed in as well:

“Maybe he’s not in the right job,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told CNN’s Jamie Gangel. “I think that we have to just get through this election and just see what the casualties are along the way.”

Even Obama took a shot at Comey:

“Setting aside the particulars of this case, I know that [Hillary Clinton] is somebody who has always looked out for the interests of America and the American people first, and I do think that there is a norm that when there are investigations, we don’t operate on innuendo, we don’t operate on incomplete information, we don’t operate on leaks, we operate based on concrete decisions that are made,” Obama told NowThis on Wednesday.

OK, so Schumer stated outright he had no faith in Comey.  Pelosi suggested that after the election, he might be a casualty.  Does it get any clearer than that?  Apparently not.

Fast forward to last night:

So even though Schumer had no trust or faith in Comey at all, it was the TIMING of it that makes it bad. Right? At least Pelosi has enough sense to keep her mouth shut for the time being. I doubt that lasts through the day tho.

So, why the timing?  This, is why:

Apparently Schumer didn’t bother to read it.  I’m sure he got it, just doubt he cared enough to read it.   Now, to put this in perspective, Rosenstein is effectively Comey’s supervisor.  Rosenstein was nominated and passed the Senate with a 94-6 vote.  That is called “bi-partisan” support.  Chuck Schumer voted to confirm Rod Rosenstein.  So, as of April 25, 2017, that’s this year, about three weeks ago, Chuck Schumer very publicly supported Rod Rosenstein, and very publicly did not support James Comey.  Rosenstein effectively fires Comey, Schumer IMMEDIATELY cries foul and claims coverups and the like.  What’s the difference between wanting to fire Comey in November and Comey getting fired in May?  The “timing” as Schumer calls it?  Back to a little blurb in the first article I cited:

Schumer ― who is on track to serve as Senate minority leader for the next Congress, or perhaps majority leader based on Senate projections for next week’s elections ― is the latest in Democratic leadership to criticize Comey.

When Schumer wanted Comey fired, he fully expected to be the person making the call.  Now that he’s not, he’s going to whine about it and spin it anyway he can.  I expect Pelosi to expect everyone forgets all the criticism she’s fired at Comey and chime in on the Watergate angle as well before the day is over.

Anyone who’s followed Comey to any degree at all knows this firing had to happen.  The man was violating FBI code all over the place, pandering to whoever he was answering to at any given moment.  The way he handled Clinton’s email investigation was criminal.  I should be thankful he gutted her campaign, but I’m not.  He needs to be prosecuted for ethics violations, as well as Susan Rice.

And the ultimate irony of this is the fact that Schumer claims the firing is a cover-up for the Russian conspiracy theory that the man he’s protesting being fired just finished claiming didn’t exist.  Repeat that three times real fast.  And yeah, that feature image is intentional.  It’s OK when Schumer meets with Russians, not OK when Republicans even speak to them.

John Kerry’s Israel meltdown

So, in a not-so-surprising move, with only weeks left in his presidency, Obama threw Israel under the bus. In a United Nations vote that defines settlements in West Bank and Jerusalem as “illegal”. the US abstained, allowing the vote to pass.  Traditionally, the US would have vetoed the vote.  Legally, it means essentially nothing.  However, it’s creating all kinds of diplomatic problems that will only make the situation in the Middle East worse, if that’s even imaginable. Obama doesn’t care about world peace, he only cares about stroking Muslim egos.

Apparently John Kerry was bothered by the criticism of Obama’s decision to throw the only democracy, and only ally we have in the Middle East under the bus.  So, he went public with his outrage:

It is important for people to know, that a major reason why he elected to throw a country under constant attack from Palestinian militia and terrorists under the bus on a world stage, is because the settlements make it impossible to make roads that go in a straight line.

Yes, he did say that.

His underlying argument is that although 99% of the geographic region that is the Middle East is extremist Islam controlled, the Israeli occupied area needs to be a two-state solution.  In theory so Iran knows who to bomb, and who not to bomb.  Right now their terrorists are killing innocent Palestinians whenever they try to blow up Jews.   That makes for messy social networking PR.

John Kerry and Obama are idiots.  Israel IS the two state solution.  The problem is the Muslims don’t accept that.  Israel has ceded lands already in efforts to appease the United Nations and Palestinians.  It got them nothing but more terrorist attacks.  If Palestinians want to live in extremist Islam rule, they have plenty to choose from within a hundred miles of where they are now.

Now, a lot of the reason I feel this way is because extremist totalitarian Islamic governments haven’t done much of anything good for the world.  Afghanistan, Iraq, iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and increasingly Egypt, have gone from fairly progressive countries to beds of terror impacting the entire planet.  Nothing good comes from those environments today.  Obama’s appeasement to the radical Islamic states such as Iran and Palestine have only empowered and escalated “rogue” terrorists in the United States and Europe.  We don’t need this philosophy festering in environments that promote it.  We need more Israels.

Additionally, this was done at a time when it could have just as easily been put off a month to allow the incoming President to determine the direction he wanted to pursue for next four to eight years.  Instead, Obama intentionally created an issue they will have to fix, with absolutely nothing to gain by doing it.  That’s just petty.

Not that this president has ever done anything petty before.  Obama needs to be called out for his childish temper tantrum.

Falcon 9 static fire anomaly

So, this happened yesterday:
They’re calling that an “anomaly”.  That folks, is complete failure.  There was a $200,000,000 #Facebook satellite on that rocket.  I’m sure the rocket itself was rather expensive as well.

Thank God it wasn’t the planned manned mission of next year.

We are still obviously not ready for manned missions.

Obama will be the first president to leave office without the ability to put a man in space since John F. Kennedy over fifty years ago.  The decision to end the Shuttle program may have been made before he was elected, but he killed off the replacement plan with no plan B.  Starting the private sector essentially from scratch AFTER ending the Shuttle program was stupid.  Nothing else but stupid.  Paying the Russians millions to get to a station we paid the heaviest burden of building was a stupid plan from the get-go.  Putting a man in charge of NASA who thinks stroking young Muslims egos and promoting global warming propaganda is more important than actual space travel just showed the contempt Obama has had for science in general his entire presidency.  The entire science community gladly jumping under the Obama bus is even more disappointing.  They still see Republicans every time Obama cuts NASA’s funding.  With this political climate, and the complete sell-out of the astronomy sector, we can’t even put a big satellite in space reliably.  If Clinton gets elected, it’ll be my kids’ generation before they even have a chance to enjoy the thrill of watching a heavy-lifter sending a crew into space.

It was her “overcharged” bribe to the Russians to get them to play nice.  It didn’t work.  They invaded a couple of countries, we tucked tail and ran, and still give them millions every year to send our people to our mostly-funded space station.  To think she’d suddenly change course as President is wishful thinking that hasn’t worked with Obama.

Obama, Biden, Bolden, and Clinton are the reason we’re watching huge fireballs instead of crews safely going to the Space Station and beyond.  Period.


James Comey

Wow.  Just wow.

Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before bringing charges. There are obvious considerations, like the strength of the evidence, especially regarding intent. Responsible decisions also consider the context of a person’s actions, and how similar situations have been handled in the past.

In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. All the cases prosecuted involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct; or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice. We do not see those things here.

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.

As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.

Let me see if I can help.


She tells you the intent.  Her argument, “convenience”.  She didn’t want to have a separate phone.  That’s who wants to be President of the United States of America.  Someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with carrying a separate phone and is more than willing to disregard federal law in order to do it.

Some would argue that a lawyer, having got her break prosecuting Richard M. Nixon:

Would have a greater appreciation for obstructing federal law regarding personal communications.

Or, one could assume she’s not that stupid, as I do.  And, recognized that is she used a single device for communications, and it was on a federal server, ALL of her communications would have been subject to Freedom of Information Act laws.  However, if they were on her own private server, they in theory, would not.  I don’t think she was the least bit concerned with her communications regarding her official business being accessed.  But, her private emails might have presented a real problem.

Listening tour: Hillary Clinton and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saudi al-Faisal in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in March 2012

In 2011, the State Department cleared an enormous arms deal: Led by Boeing, a consortium of American defense contractors would deliver $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, despite concerns over the kingdom’s troublesome human rights record. In the years before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, Saudi Arabia had contributed $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, and just two months before the jet deal was finalized, Boeing donated $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to an International Business Timesinvestigation released Tuesday.

That’s the kind of stuff Hillary definitely would not want subjected to FoIA if she was peddling influence in her official capacity for her own personal gain.

James Comey doesn’t even want to think about that.  Actually, I’m sure he did.  He answers directly to Loretta Lynch, who got her big break in 1999, being appointed as a US Attorney, by, you guessed it I’m sure, Bill Clinton.

No conflict there.

So, Comey did all he could do.  He said she’s guilty as hell, but he can’t prosecute her.  Loretta Lynch has already said she will only do what Comey tells her to do.

The fix was already in.

Later the same day, Hillary and Obama were more than happy to violate even more federal campaign laws:

Who pays for Obama and Air Force One to campaign for Hillary?

I’m guessing you did, whether you want to or not.

Taking bids now on whether Comey pursues this or not:


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Top 25 Mass shootings

Some guy on Facebook immediately after the Pulse Shooting, posted a statistic claiming to be the Top 25 mass shootings in US history.  Some would argue some historical events would merit consideration to trump what’s happening lately.  But, he’s making a point.  His point is that assault rifles were banned from 1994-2004.  Ergo, the explosion in mass shootings.  Nevermind the fact that what happened this weekend would not have been prevented by the assault rifles’ ban because the AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

But, that led to another point that I think is kind of telling.  Here’s his chart:

top 25 shootings

I modified it just a little to hi-lite the obvious:

Event Year President Casualties Injruies
Pulse Nightclub 2016 Obama 49 53
Virginia Tech 2007 GW Bush 33 23
Newtown 2012 Obama 28 2
Lutty’s Massacre 1991 GHW Bush 24 20
San Ysidro 1984 Reagan 22 19
Columbine High School 1999 Clinton 15 24
US Postal Service 1986 Reagan 15 6
San Bernadino 2015 Obama 14 21
Binghamton 2009 Obama 14 4
Fort Hood 2009 Obama 13 30
Aurora Theater 2012 Obama 12 68
Washington Navy Yard 2013 Obama 12 8
Red Lake 2005 GW Bush 10 5
GMAC 1990 GHW Bush 10 4
Atlanta Day Trading 1999 Clinton 9 13
Standard Gravure 1989 GHW Bush 9 12
Umpqua Comm 2015 Obama 9 9
101 California Street 1993 Clinton 9 6
Westroads Mall 2007 GW Bush 9 4
Charleston Church 2015 Obama 9 1
Wedgwood Baptist 1999 Clinton 8 7
Carthage Nursing Home 2009 Obama 8 3
Wielding shop 1982 Reagan 8 3
Seal Beach 2011 Obama 8 1

I can make this even simpler:

President                                                       Dead and wounded

Obama 176
GW Bush 52
Reagan 45
GHW Bush 43
Clinton 41

According to this guy, nearly 50% of all of the murders and injuries caused during mass shootings occurred under Obama’s watch.  So far, he’s tripled the total of his closest rival.

But, this guy, and a lot like him, are blaming it on the gun.

Maybe, just maybe, a big part of the problem is the fact that when this started happening, Obama intentionally looked the other way when they started yelling “allah akbar”?  The Boston Marathon attack wasn’t guns of any sort.  The World Trade Towers weren’t guns of any sort.  When a person’s sole intent is to harm as many innocent and unsuspecting people as possible, guns are not necessary.  A little more convenient maybe, but not necessary.  You can add all the mass shooting deaths in the last 20 years in the US and they won’t even come close to the total killed by airplanes.   Again, it’s not the tool, it’s the intent.  Until Obama, or the next President, addresses the intent, this will continue.

Hillary Clinton thinks that people on the terror watch list should not be allowed to have guns.  Newsflash for Hillary and her supporters, terrorists don’t obey laws.  They use those laws to enhance their kills.  They attack gun-free zones intentionally.  Less resistance, more bodies.  So, her plan is stupid.  It can be modified slightly and could serve a use tho.  Very simply, if you’re on the terrorist list, and you’re too dangerous to fly, you get sent back to where you came from.  If you’re a natural born US citizen, and have colluded with ISIS or other enemies of the state, you’ve committed treason and should be in prison.

There, problem solved.  That would have prevented San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Orlando, and The World Trade Towers.

I’m going to bet Hillary opposes that plan.

Launch and Landing of Spacex Falcon 9

My God this is exciting stuff!

However, that excitement was dampened by this news:

The only thing that would be more exciting to me is if we could actually send a man into space and fix very expensive satellites.

You know, like we could before Obama was president.

Merrick Garland

The very fact that Merrick Garland allowed himself to be nominated to replace Justice Scalia makes him unfit for the position.

There is no chance in hell the Republicans will allow him to be confirmed in the US Senate, per Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s previous instructions.  Even Loretta Lynch was smart enough to dodge that bus.

This is nothing more than election year politics and petty grandstanding.  Garland has no political chance.

Obama wasn’t kidding about Iran, was he?

On March 4, 2013, I wrote this post:

Vice President Biden said Monday that President Obama is not “bluffing” about his willingness to use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon

Read more:

Whew!  LOL!  Then I told Joe, “Pull the other one!”.

The people in the United States have already given up on Obama trying to outwit Iran.  There’s no point in Biden blustering like that.  Seriously, it serves no purpose at this time.  Israel will bomb the crap out of Iran, a whole bunch of countries will talk big, and Obama will do nothing.

Given Obama’s Iran deal where he’s giving them $1.2 BILLION to help them develop their nuclear missile domestic energy program, I was more right than I even hoped for three years ago.  I figured they’d just run all over him and do whatever they felt like.  I never expected he’d be stupid enough to give them a billion dollars to make him look that bad.

He’s obviously got an agenda that’s not in the best interests of the United States as we know it.

Meanwhile, the featured image is Joe Biden getting a standing ovation at the Oscars for his performance.

Obama and Scalia and Trump

I don’t trust Obama.  I think he’s morally bankrupt.  Just thought I’d get that out of the way to avoid any confusion from this point on.

That being said, the death of Antonin Scalia has thrown a major wrench in the 2016 presidential election.  The ramifications I expect, and do understand I’m not a paid commentator or live in north Virginia for the most part.

  1. Obama will use this to push his agenda, not in an effort to show respect to the Founding Fathers.  I expect Eric Holder will be a major consideration, if not the out-and-out expected nominee.  He’s wildly liberal, he’s from Chicago, he’s black, and his religion is questionable at best.  And, he has an open contempt of the US Constitution, at one point arguing that international law trumps Constitutional Law, a point Obama has often cited in his support of global warming mandates.
  2. There will be a bloodbath in the confirmation process unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  The problem being that since 1997, the sitting Democrats still in office argued that they had no  Constitutional expectation to confirm any Presidential nomination to the Supreme Court.  And, as recently as 2007, Chuck Schumer spoke at length that the Democrats should not support any Bush nominee because it was an election year.  Which at the time, it wasn’t.  Being as this one is, that makes Schumer and the rest look remarkably hypocritical, which I doubt they really care.  They know their voters will support them anyway.
  3. This will change the course of the Republican primary.  Donald Trump has enjoyed a political free ride this election cycle.  No matter how crazy he acts, people have laughed and voted for him.  NOW, it’s serious.  NOW, a moderate Supreme Court judge could tilt the balance to the liberals for a while on some issues.  NOW, gun control becomes realistic.  NOW, those whacky liberal tendencies Trump has mean something.  Advantage Cruz and Rubio.
  4. Trump’s sudden scorched-Earth attacks on Jeb’s brother could NOT come at a worse time.  Iraq was litmus for conservative and liberal extremes.  There is no in-between.  There was no N0-Fly zones for a decade.  There was no Bill Clinton shooting million dollar missiles at camels in a desert.  There was no Iran/Iraq chemical warfare the United Nations sanctioned both Iran and Iraq over.  None of that exists with those two groups.  It ALL started when George W. Bush invaded Iraq for no real reason.  Either you supported it, or you were lied to.  The Republicans for the most part supported it.  The Democrats, Hollywood, and left media all were suddenly “lied to”.  Nancy Pelosi, who supported it before, suddenly had no clue what she was voting for and had been lied to once the two took sides.  Trump has suddenly taken up with the liberals in a huge way in his attacks on George.  He’s 100% in the liberal camp on this issue.  I don’t think most Republicans want to take the chance that his judicial nominee would have that philosophy.  People who take things like this seriously have to be walking away from Trump right now.  I know I have.  He has no chance with me in the primary now.  South Carolina, in five days, will tell us for sure what’s going on.  One week before South Carolina, Trump has a 20 point lead.  I bet it shrinks.
  5. Lastly, although the Constitution is clear how this works, look for MOST people to completely disregard the Constitution when arguing how the other guy is ignoring the Constitution.  I hope my readers here read a little more than that.  The President nominates, which Obama can do at any time he wishes.  The Senate confirms, which any Senator can, or can not do, at any time.  There is no time limit and just because the President nominates does not guarantee the nominee HAS to be confirmed.  Just ask Harriet Miers, Robert Bork, or Douglas Ginsburg.

Quickie update, change that to Loretta Lynch.  She’s perfect for Obama.  Wildly liberal, openly shows preference to Muslims ( promising to prosecute anyone who disparages Muslims ), female, and socialist Democrat ).  Loretta openly opposes MOST of the Constitutional Amendment.  Notably gun control, obviously freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  As Attorney General, her credentials are impeccable.  Perfect.  Expect her nomination the first day the Senate convenes in order to maximize conflict in an election year and further polarize this country.

Obama killed NASA

This is so unbelievable it’s surreal.  It’s so crazy that even people like Phil Platt were in denial.  As of two days ago, when people started saying NASA was being raped, he had this to offer:

OK, yes, it does look like (assuming the rumors are true) the Obama budget for NASA is cutting out the Constellation rocket program in general and Ares in particular. But that doesn’t mean manned spaceflight is dead.

As I said in that above link, private space companies are still a ways off from putting people in orbit. However, I strongly suspect they’ll be doing it before Ares would’ve been ready to do it anyway. Private companies like Space X may be two years from that, while Ares wouldn’t have been ready for five, assuming NASA could even get Ares ready by the scheduled time and in the assigned budget (which I would give a chance of, oh, say, precisely 0). So it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that after the Shuttle retires later this year (or early next) companies like Space X will be able to reach the International Space Station with rockets before NASA could.

Clue here Phil, private companies are two years away from REACHING ORBIT.  We’re not talking heavy lifters here, we’re talking cruises taking up to six people into space for fifteen freaking minutes.  You remember when NASA was at that point?  Yeah, 1962.  Well, ignore the damned rumors, here it is in black and white:

nasa cuts 1 nasa cuts 2

Yeah, I know that’s kinda small.  In particular, I think all a person really needs to read is:

In place of Constellation, the President’s Budget funds a redesigned and reinvigorated program that focuses on leveraging advanced technology, international partnerships, and commercial capabilities to set the stage for a revitalized human space flight program for the 21st Century. The President’s Budget will also increase NASA’s funding, accelerating work — constrained for years due to the budget demands of Constellation — on climate science, green aviation, science education, and other priorities.

That’s right folks.  Our National Aeronautics and Space Administration is now dedicated to studying climate science, green aviation, science education, and whatever Obama feels like.

Now, people like Phil Platt think it’s kinda good that NASA’s budget’s being increased.  And he thinks it’s kinda good that we focus on the private sector.  The question I have, is, given he’s an astronomer, what’s he going to think when Hubble or Chandra blows a fifty cent fuse and shuts down?  We’re not going to have a bus to take spare parts up there any more.

Exactly how is Space-X, which has never even reached orbit, going to grab onto that thing, stop it, fix it, and place it back in orbit?

Clue here, it ain’t gonna happen in the next decade or two.  With Obama spending all of NASA’s resources trying to prove IOCC’s lies aren’t really lies, Hubble will die.  Chandra will die.  Spitzer will die.  Tell me how they won’t?  If we’re just going to let our space stuff die, what’s the point in wasting all our money funding astronomers all over the country?  It’s rather useless now.  Astronomers don’t seem to see a connection to killing off telescopes and astronomy research, I do.

Obama wants to continue the ISS.  What for?  If we’re not going to travel in space, then why bother learning how to live in space?  How are we going to get major modules to the ISS?  Sure, rockets will do the trick, but it seems rather wasteful to expand ISS at this point since there’s really no research they can do and extended stays in space now serve no purpose whatsoever.  And, it would seem to me that if we had a reliable heavy lifter, men could go into space rather easily.

In the meantime, NASA will get an additional $6 BILLION.  Let me clarify that.  On top of cutting manned space flight because it was under-funded, as it states in that report, NASA is getting an ADDITIONAL $6 BILLION to do climate research that is already being done by NOAA.  That stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Those are the people that study, get this, our atmosphere and oceans.  In a more generic sense, they study climate change.  Call it climate science if you wish.  If you want, you can subscribe to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Education.  They fund, get this, science education.  Particularly, climate science education.  Guess they weren’t doing a very good job.  Not sure what the point of having two huge federal agencies doing exactly the same thing is.  I mean, NOAA can contract a private rocket company exactly the same as NASA.  That’s Obama economics for ya.  When faced with two agencies doing different things, pay one a lot more than you were paying to have them do exactly the same as the first.

Now, when I was enduring being constantly referred to as a flat-earther a couple of years ago by global warming advocates such as our esteemed astronomer, my concern at the time was that people were taking this hocus pocus way too seriously based on NO supporting evidence.  Obama’s actions here are exactly the worst case scenario.  Real science is being destroyed by Obama’s pursuit of something the IOCC couldn’t prove because to this day there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that man-made climate change has ever existed.  And if it does exist, we’re screwed now for sure.  If this planet dies, we’ll have no escape plan now.

Now, in a perfect world, Obama would have taken that $6 billion and put it in the private sector for stuff like electric cars, bullet trains, and immediate things that will affect the Earth’s climate.  But, he’s not.  By their own admission, a bunch of that money will go to Russia or China to send our stuff into space to a space station we mostly paid for.  And, watch a Russian or Chinese launch vs a United States launch.  You think they worry about the environment more than we do?

You think I’m pissed?

This is the worst freaking president we’ve ever had.

In one year he screwed Teddy Kennedy by making sure a Republican got his seat.  Now he’s screwing John Kennedy by killing his legacy.

Quickie update, March 31, 2016.  Six years after this post, NASA STILL can not put a man in space.  But, they are quick to tell you, that although there’s a record amount of ice in Antarctica, we should ignore that since it’s been kinda warm in the Arctic.

And Phil Platt is worried another Republican might wage a war on science.