I love this song. I REALLY love this live version of it. This is from 1976. Unfortunately I saw them probably around 1980. They had lost their edge and basically re-hashed the studio versions. I barely remember even being there. That had a lot to do with the bourbon. And, a lot to do with the show. Christine McVie retired for a decade or two. Now, they are back together and touring again. If they’re doing Rhiannon like this again, I’m there.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me

One of the greatest song endings of all time

Love the climax at the end.

For a good part of my life, before song lyrics were easily accessed on the internet, I sang the one line as “I can’t find, oh, the rock of my life” instead of “the right romantic line”. It sounded so good I had a whole bunch of my friends singing it that way too. To this day, I think I still prefer it.

Ace of Spades

This is only one of two songs I’m aware of I have performed publicly.  It takes the death of a very close friend to get me on stage.  He had been a drummer for several bands I had hung out with since high school.  Every show he did that I was at, for over 30 years, I’d yell for this song.  He didn’t particularly like doing it. So, he always promised me he’d do it shortly after his funeral.  So, for his funeral, I did it for him.  I’m not going to post me doing it, as we just winged it.

Many years before, I was watching Black Oak Arkansas at my favorite dive in Richmond, KY.  I was a regular there, they knew me.  I was front row in a very small, very tight, pit.  Their entire show I kept yelling “Ace of Spades“.  Finally, for their final encore, Jim “Dandy” Mangrum announced “this one’s for the asshole up front”. That was ME!  They absolutely tore it up.

Here’s the original.  Pretty much the first original thrash metal song ever recorded.

Things Tom Petty don’t want you to do

Saw this, loved it, stole it:

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/five-things-tom-petty-dont-want-you-to-do/question-4677458/" title="Five Things Tom Petty don't want you to do">Five Things Tom Petty don&#8217;t want you to do</a>

Definitely my favorite Tom Petty video, and possibly song:

Honestly, I never enjoyed the stoner Tom. That stuff is remarkably boring musically. The edgier Tom was musically a LOT more fun.

Best performance of Space Oddity ever

Another one of my all-time favorite performances of any song at all is David Bowie’s 1973 appearance on The Midnight Special.  It was obviously quite theatrical and over-produced, two of the qualities I always enjoyed most about Bowie.  In this performance he features The Dubreq Stylophone to give it that haunting sound. This performance still gives me chills.

Space Oddity very recently regained significance when International Space Station astronaut Chris Hadfield performed it floating in his tin can:

Not quite the production value, but once again, the coolest thing in music.