Super Secret Zuma launch

Enjoyed yesterday’s broadcast of the ultra-super-secret Zuma launch:

Beautiful launch. Perfect return.

We were never made privy to what the super-secret military satellite was, but I didn’t really care that much.  I just love a good launch.  Prefer the daytime ones when you can see lots more detail, but since this was a super-secret military launch I was watching on public internet streaming, I understood the discretion of launching at night so that nobody could miss it lighting up the night sky.

So, imagine my curiosity when I saw this headline this morning:

It’s not official, but sources say the secretive Zuma satellite was lost

My first, my only, and my official response is, “yeah, sure it is”.

Launch and Landing of Spacex Falcon 9

My God this is exciting stuff!

However, that excitement was dampened by this news:

The only thing that would be more exciting to me is if we could actually send a man into space and fix very expensive satellites.

You know, like we could before Obama was president.

Orbital ATK CRS-6 Liftoff

This was a beautiful launch. 7,000 pounds of supplies heading to the International Space Station. Seems more than capable of sending three or four astronauts to the station as well. Really am tired of watching us send perfectly good money to Putin’s Russia so they can invade other countries with it.