About that Trump fascism claim

We’ve all heard it. People waving Mexican flags and stomping on US flags are claiming it. Black Lives Matter supporters starting fights at Trump rallies are claiming it. A political action group even “studied” it in detail:

They all cite this like it’s in a vacuum that hasn’t existed since, drum roll please, Hitler. However, we really don’t have to go back that far to find the last time a sitting US President called for a ban on immigrants from the Middle East:

That’s right, the peanut farmer banned all immigrants from Iran based on the actions of terrorists. Every single one of them would have been Muslims.

In all the interviews of 1980-1981, Hillary Rodham never called Jimmy Carter a fascist.

Cory Booker drove to Hawaii?

One of my favorite tweeters, Richard Nixon, had this to offer this morning:

Which threw me back to a post I did on Corey a few years ago:

Now, to be fair to Corey, that diatribe is a muddled mess leading to a suggestion to open a New Jersey diner in Hawaii. That really isn’t necessary or a shortcoming of Hawaii.  And, quite frankly, is a waste of taxpayers time and money discussing it on the floor.

However, what perplexed me most about Dick’s comment was “the far left will love him”.

This was Corey’s thoughts on “far left” not too long ago:

So, he’s not “far left” by his own definition.  He just wants to decriminalize drugs, and agrees with every single thing Obama tells him to, including selling out Israel for Iran.

Obama wasn’t kidding about Iran, was he?

On March 4, 2013, I wrote this post:

Vice President Biden said Monday that President Obama is not “bluffing” about his willingness to use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon

Read more:http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/04/biden-on-iran-threat-obama-is-not-bluffing/?test=latestnews#ixzz2MbHnK1bb

Whew!  LOL!  Then I told Joe, “Pull the other one!”.

The people in the United States have already given up on Obama trying to outwit Iran.  There’s no point in Biden blustering like that.  Seriously, it serves no purpose at this time.  Israel will bomb the crap out of Iran, a whole bunch of countries will talk big, and Obama will do nothing.

Given Obama’s Iran deal where he’s giving them $1.2 BILLION to help them develop their nuclear missile domestic energy program, I was more right than I even hoped for three years ago.  I figured they’d just run all over him and do whatever they felt like.  I never expected he’d be stupid enough to give them a billion dollars to make him look that bad.

He’s obviously got an agenda that’s not in the best interests of the United States as we know it.

Meanwhile, the featured image is Joe Biden getting a standing ovation at the Oscars for his performance.