ULA to begin human spaceflight in 2017

Today I was personally assured by ULA that they will be launching humans into space again from Cape Canaveral in 2017.

That was in response to my criticism of Charles Bolden announcing NASA needed to focus more on a destination for tourist travel.  I thought that was a clear indication of his ineptitude given the fact that since 2011 we’ve had a destination with no ability whatsoever to get people there.

Orbital ATK CRS-6 Liftoff

This was a beautiful launch. 7,000 pounds of supplies heading to the International Space Station. Seems more than capable of sending three or four astronauts to the station as well. Really am tired of watching us send perfectly good money to Putin’s Russia so they can invade other countries with it.

The Vanishing Earth

Imagine you were stuck in space in a very small space ship that had no capabilities to go anywhere and a very limited amount of supplies.  And, then you looked out your window and saw that happening.

The Earth, slowly dissolving into the nothingness of space.

I’d have to think that would be somewhat disconcerting.

Never fear tho.  That’s just the solar eclipse as viewed from ISS.  Very cool.