Arctic Ice increases 60% in 2013

Won’t see this on most media I bet.

About a million more square miles of ocean are covered in ice in 2013 than in  2012, a whopping 60 percent increase — and a dramatic deviation from  predictions of an “ice-free Arctic in 2013,” the Daily Mail noted.

Arctic sea ice averaged 2.35 million square miles in August 2013, as compared  to the low point of 1.32 million square miles recorded on Sept. 16, 2012,  according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. A chart published Sept. 8 by  NSIDC shows the dramatic rise this year, putting total ice cover within two standard deviations of the 30-year average.

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Anyone still willing to debate the Hockeystick predictions?  This information comes from NASA.  That’s the agency President Obama decided didn’t need to waste our money with manned space flight and would be better suited warning the world of the perils of global warming.  Now, we got no manned space flight, and apparently no global warming either.