That Mike Brown rant continued

In 1988, the Cincinnati Bengals BARELY lost the Super Bowl to the San Francisco 49ers.  It was the second time in seven years they had lost to the 49ers in the Super Bowl.  It was only a matter of time before they got it.

In 1990 they returned to the playoffs and beat the Houston Oilers in the wild card game.  They then lost to the Los Angeles Raiders.  To date, that was the last time the Bengals won a playoff game.

Paul Brown died the following year.  Paul’s son Mike took the reigns.  George HW Bush was president.  9/11 wouldn’t happen for another decade.  The Iraq war hadn’t happened.  It would actually be another 14 years before the Bengals would even make a wild card appearance.  Once they finally did make it back to the playoffs in 2005, things haven’t gotten much better:

Week Opp 1stD Bengals Opps
2015 Playoffs
WildCard L Pittsburgh Steelers 16 18
2014 Playoffs
WildCard L Indianapolis Colts 10 26
2013 Playoffs
WildCard L San Diego Chargers 10 27
2012 Playoffs
WildCard L Houston Texans 13 19
2011 Playoffs
WildCard L Houston Texans 10 31
2009 Playoffs
WildCard L New York Jets 14 24
2005 Playoffs
WildCard L Pittsburgh Steelers 17 31

That makes Mike Brown 0-career in playoff games. That’s 0-lifetime. That’s 0-7 when given a chance.  With the rather successful last five years or so, his win-loss record has skyrocketed to 42%.  Mike Brown has GOT to go.  For whatever reason, he doesn’t get it done.

Now, where I’m going to probably get some bad vibes, is the fact that Marvin Lewis has now been there for thirteen seasons.  In those 13 seasons, he’s now 112-94.  That’s about a 55% clip.  But most importantly, he’s now 0-7 in playoff games.  That includes the very embarrassing meltdown to the Steelers last season.  Those stats would get a coach fired anywhere else after about 5 seasons.  Marvin brought them up a notch, but that notch seems to be the best he can do.

Very simply, if the Bengals perform the same or worse as they did last season, Lewis has GOT to go.

Very simply, Mike Brown has GOT to go anyway.  The only thing he’s done is get a stadium no one really wanted.