Seahawks blowing the Super Bowl

I would comment about the Seahawks’ decision to do this:

Instead of handing the ball to one of the most brutal short situation runners in the entire league right now.

But, I’m sure a million other people have beaten me to it.  That WILL go down in history as one of the most bone-headed calls of all time.

Because Seattle was in the playoffs this year, that goofball stat about how the stoner states are suddenly playing well floated around again. That MIGHT explain what we saw last night.

Deflated balls

Ok, so the NFL has decided, several days after the game is finished, that 11 of 12 of the Patriots footballs used during their 45-7 romp of the Colts were deflated.  In theory, helping them by making it easier to catch and hold on to the ball during a sometimes torrential downpour.

That seems overwhelming, case closed.  The Patriots should forfeit their next game.  Only problem is, that next game is the Super Bowl.  Ain’t gonna happen.

How much trouble would it have been to have checked the balls BEFORE the game, and DURING the game.  If a ball was found to be inadequately inflated, pump them up right then?  We do it during youth games.

The Patriots have been busted cheating before.  So, this Super Bowl championship, if it gets to that, will be tainted.

The NFL is a joke.  It runs around worrying itself to death about image, while overlooking very obvious silly things like assuring game equipment is adequate.  If a player had worn an unapproved headband, the NFL would have been all over it.  It’s a playground where very wealthy people make very wealthy money.  How the hell it’s still a non-profit is the biggest joke of all.  If Obama wants to tax the wealthy, strip all professional leagues of their tax-exempt status.  Since he could care less about following laws, all he would have to do is sign an executive order.  That’d go a lot farther to balancing the budget than his goofball state of the union directorates.


Richard Sherman and the Super Bowl

I really don’t care a whole lot for either team in this year’s Super Bowl. However, given Richard Sherman’s performances in the past, I can’t cheer for Seattle so long as he’s on that team.

Richard Sherman taunts Tom Brady

That doesn’t even include the bizarre rants from last year’s Super Bowl.

The Cowboys got screwed

OK, so the guy catches the ball, takes two steps, lunges for the endzone, falls inches short, and loses ball. The referee standing right on top of the play immediately signals complete pass, no touchdown. Cowboys on the 1 yard line ready to face the Packers in an epic goal line stand situation?

Nope. It never happened. Some anonymous review analyst over-rode the referee standing right on top of the play and decided it was not a catch. Dallas immediately turns the ball over on the next play. Game over. No dramatic finish.

They screwed this one up royally. That WAS a catch. I’m not a Cowboys fan so no need for all the sour grapes claims. I’m a Randall Cobb ergo Packers fan at this time. The Packers might have stopped them anyway. A field goal wouldn’t have won, the Cowboys would have had to put it in the end zone to win it. But, we’ll never know because some idiot rules wonk determined that counting to three was more important than the obvious.

Video reviews are a good idea. However, when slowing things down to micro-seconds to parse the rules it isn’t realistic. Just replay the play at regular speed twice. If it isn’t obvious that the call on the field was wrong after the second try, move on.

<a href="" title="Did the Cowboys get screwed?">Did the Cowboys get screwed?</a>

Mike Brown must go

The Bengals lost again today.

The last time they won a playoff game was 1990.

You heard that right.  1990.

I’m not talking about the Championship, I’m talking winning a single playoff game of any kind.  At any level.  They’ve not done it.

In that time they’ve been through several coaches, several quarterbacks, several star running backs, a lot of criminals, and even more players.

One thing has remained constant the entire time, the owner who inherited the team through no merit of his own, has been Mike Brown.

At this point the people are so tired of hoping Mike Brown would disappear that now you’re seeing a LOT of people pretty well accepting the fact the only way to get Mike Brown out of the picture is for the Bengals to be sold most likely to someone in another town.

I’m OK with that if it gets him out of the NFL.  Even though I was at the AFC Championship game against San Diego and about froze to death, any loyalty I had to the team has been lost.

I can get to Nashville just as easily as Cincinnati.