Eclipse protective gear

August 21, 2017 is coming.  I can’t wait.  However, I still see a lot of people asking this:

The very simple answer is yes, it will damage your eyes looking into the eyes of the sun, even if that’s where the fun is.

The very simple solution is this:

These are very simply welder’s goggles.  Get them now, they are getting more expensive every single day getting closer to August 21.  August 22 I imagine they’ll be next to free.


The Vanishing Earth

Imagine you were stuck in space in a very small space ship that had no capabilities to go anywhere and a very limited amount of supplies.  And, then you looked out your window and saw that happening.

The Earth, slowly dissolving into the nothingness of space.

I’d have to think that would be somewhat disconcerting.

Never fear tho.  That’s just the solar eclipse as viewed from ISS.  Very cool.