Yelling Wolf in Theaters

Never a dull moment with Nancy Pelosi.

Actually, Nancy. it does:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

What it does not protect is the legal ramifications of the damages caused by do it.  Nancy not knowing the right to free speech protects everyone, including people who shout “wolf” in theaters doesn’t surprise me.

Not to be too petty, but it also guarantees others the very same right to be offensive in other ways.  Namely, the alt-right marchers in Charlottesville.  As much as we may despise their message they have the same right as Nancy slaughtering quotes.

The fact that Antifa and other alt-left groups tried to deprive them of their First Amendment rights, with the support of almost all elite Democrats, is indicative of the leadership they are following right now.

Now, if Nancy HAD truly respected the Constitution more than George Soros donations, she, and other leaders, would have stressed to Antifa et al that they had a right to speak publicly.  However, if the entire world had ignored them, no one would have heard their message.  Thanks to her ignorance, along with most liberal Democrats, there were riots, fights, and one death.  The ultimate outcome not being irrelevant destruction of historical monuments, but more significantly, the alt-right’s message was displayed to the entire world.  Real smart Nancy.  Real flipping smart.  I seriously put the blame for Charlottesville squarely on the Democrat leadership.  All this race baiting crap is their doing.

San Francisco routinely gives Nancy about 80% of the vote in every election she’s in.  Unfortunately for the rest of the country, they apparently believe in voting to see what they get.  Morons.  Does it not matter at all what she’s doing?

And for those entirely lost in this rant, the quote is actually “You can not yell “fire” in a theater“.  The irony being that a lot of people like myself feel this current race media frenzy is nothing but liberals crying wolf to stir up resentment to our present President.

Nancy Pelosi’s Fix for Obama’s border security failure

This is, as usual, just insane:

Pelosi has this absolute obsession with taking anything that might be very obviously a Democrat failure, and trying to make it Republican. Therefore, I’m going to do the mundane and point out that Trump has been President for about three months. He’s responding to eight years of Obama trying to get it done, and quite frankly, not wanting it done. The average grade schooler would be able to see that. Nancy banks on her followers ( Yeah, that’s you California 12, aka San Francisco ), simply not caring enough to question her insane comments.

If it had been accomplished when she was Speaker, or while Obama as President, Trump wouldn’t be addressing it now. It’s that simple. For whatever reason, and I assume it’s 100% partisan politics, Nancy doesn’t care about all the violence and drugs pouring into our country across that border. The wall isn’t the best answer, but it sends a very loud message that we don’t want it any more. It if it’s people with legitimate reasons and businesses, they’ll pass through that wall easy enough.

Michael Reagan doesn’t think Trump can win California

The question I have, which I don’t think he addressed, is what Republican this year COULD win California?

I don’t think it’s possible any of them could have. California keeps lurching more and more to the left all the time. They still consider Nancy Pelosi and other socialists acceptable. No individual rights eschewing Republican will win California in the rest of my lifetime.

No news here. Move on.

Nancy Pelosi on Economic Development

Remember that one time when Nancy Pelosi claimed we’d lose 500 million jobs every month until we passed Obama’s Stimulus package?

Just to be clear, there are only about 300 million people in the United States. Although Factcheck went to great lengths to cover Nancy on this one, she did it more than once.  Nancy was never one to let obvious facts get in her way.  Or, for that matter, common sense.  “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”, “I was for it before I was against it.”  The list of stupid Pelosi quotes and actions is long.  Really long.  However, the good people of this town continue to vote for her in huge margins:

That’s San Francisco.  These voters could care less that the person they are voting for can accomplish simple math, has any comprehension of the congressional process, or for that matter, apparently will send the US to war without any clue whatsoever why we are going.

Now, these same people whine a lot about term limits.  Let me put this as clearly as I can.  If you are willing to vote for very stupid, corrupt people, repeatedly, for decades, what difference does it make who the candidate is?  The problem to me is not not “term limits”.  Every Representative is limited to two years.

The problem is the voter.  Until they actually think, we’ll just get younger Nancy Pelosi’s, or worse.

Hayward Fault

Scientists think they know where the next big earthquake will be in California.  Namely, right here:

See the town of Hayward?  That town sits right on the Hayward Fault.  ( That should be a MAJOR clue. )  Now, I would be a little more skeptical of Livescience’s article, but I remember watching a baseball game a few years ago and watching an earthquake knock it off the air.  Apparently they get pretty good ones all the time.  Now, the problem I have is unlike hurricanes, major earthquakes are not predictable.  Unlike tornadoes, earthquakes can devastate an entire region, knocking out infrastructure.  Unlike almost anything else, earthquakes can change the lay of the land making immediate reparations impossible.  However, given the awesome destructiveness of a major earthquake, and knowing the history of the area, some 2 million plus people have called the Hayward Fault home.   That’s a lot of people.  Let’s think of this way, it’s four times the population and density of the area affected by Katrina.  And, we knew Katrina was coming.  The next “big one” for Hayward won’t give us that luxury of planning.

Bottom line, knowing what we know, and the Californians knowing what they know, will they still try to blame FEMA if the President is a Republican when it does hit?  I mean, they’ve been warned.  Now the political playing field is exactly the same.  Everyone knew New Orleans could flood, and it did.  We all know it’s just a matter of time before a major earthquake hits California again.  But, people still move there.  I have several friends that live there.  They’re not morons.  They know the risks involved of being there.  But, when the next big one does come, how many people in that area will blame it on FEMA, the government, or anything other than their own decision to live there when people die and property is destroyed?

Final bottom line, there is risk involved no matter where you live.  That’s a given.  However, what is bothering me of late is people seem to refuse to acknowledge that risk and when that risk materializes, blame someone else for their own decision to live there.  Bad things are going to happen anywhere, there WILL be a major earthquake in Hayward.  No if’s and’s or but’s.  The Midwest will suffer from floods and tornadoes.  No if’s and’s or but’s.  The deep South will have hurricanes.  The northeast freezing cold and dangerous blizzards.  Earth is just a dangerous place.  Don’t blame it on FEMA or anyone else, you’ve been warned.