Nancy Pelosi is a couple of Presidents behind

Now, after all the grief SOME people have given Kellyanne Conway over the Bowling Green massacre, I fully expect the same amount of humor, derision, and all out condemnation of Pelosi thinking this is still 2001.

I’ve been holding my breath for:


Top 25 Mass shootings

Some guy on Facebook immediately after the Pulse Shooting, posted a statistic claiming to be the Top 25 mass shootings in US history.  Some would argue some historical events would merit consideration to trump what’s happening lately.  But, he’s making a point.  His point is that assault rifles were banned from 1994-2004.  Ergo, the explosion in mass shootings.  Nevermind the fact that what happened this weekend would not have been prevented by the assault rifles’ ban because the AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

But, that led to another point that I think is kind of telling.  Here’s his chart:

top 25 shootings

I modified it just a little to hi-lite the obvious:

Event Year President Casualties Injruies
Pulse Nightclub 2016 Obama 49 53
Virginia Tech 2007 GW Bush 33 23
Newtown 2012 Obama 28 2
Lutty’s Massacre 1991 GHW Bush 24 20
San Ysidro 1984 Reagan 22 19
Columbine High School 1999 Clinton 15 24
US Postal Service 1986 Reagan 15 6
San Bernadino 2015 Obama 14 21
Binghamton 2009 Obama 14 4
Fort Hood 2009 Obama 13 30
Aurora Theater 2012 Obama 12 68
Washington Navy Yard 2013 Obama 12 8
Red Lake 2005 GW Bush 10 5
GMAC 1990 GHW Bush 10 4
Atlanta Day Trading 1999 Clinton 9 13
Standard Gravure 1989 GHW Bush 9 12
Umpqua Comm 2015 Obama 9 9
101 California Street 1993 Clinton 9 6
Westroads Mall 2007 GW Bush 9 4
Charleston Church 2015 Obama 9 1
Wedgwood Baptist 1999 Clinton 8 7
Carthage Nursing Home 2009 Obama 8 3
Wielding shop 1982 Reagan 8 3
Seal Beach 2011 Obama 8 1

I can make this even simpler:

President                                                       Dead and wounded

Obama 176
GW Bush 52
Reagan 45
GHW Bush 43
Clinton 41

According to this guy, nearly 50% of all of the murders and injuries caused during mass shootings occurred under Obama’s watch.  So far, he’s tripled the total of his closest rival.

But, this guy, and a lot like him, are blaming it on the gun.

Maybe, just maybe, a big part of the problem is the fact that when this started happening, Obama intentionally looked the other way when they started yelling “allah akbar”?  The Boston Marathon attack wasn’t guns of any sort.  The World Trade Towers weren’t guns of any sort.  When a person’s sole intent is to harm as many innocent and unsuspecting people as possible, guns are not necessary.  A little more convenient maybe, but not necessary.  You can add all the mass shooting deaths in the last 20 years in the US and they won’t even come close to the total killed by airplanes.   Again, it’s not the tool, it’s the intent.  Until Obama, or the next President, addresses the intent, this will continue.

Hillary Clinton thinks that people on the terror watch list should not be allowed to have guns.  Newsflash for Hillary and her supporters, terrorists don’t obey laws.  They use those laws to enhance their kills.  They attack gun-free zones intentionally.  Less resistance, more bodies.  So, her plan is stupid.  It can be modified slightly and could serve a use tho.  Very simply, if you’re on the terrorist list, and you’re too dangerous to fly, you get sent back to where you came from.  If you’re a natural born US citizen, and have colluded with ISIS or other enemies of the state, you’ve committed treason and should be in prison.

There, problem solved.  That would have prevented San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Orlando, and The World Trade Towers.

I’m going to bet Hillary opposes that plan.