The final nail in Bernie’s coffin

Remember all that talk months ago about Bernie Sanders being popular enough to run independent?

Don’t rule it out: Bernie Sanders (slightly) leaves door open for Green Party run with Jill Stein

That was on Salon.  Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of fun with it.  A LOT of Bernie’s supporters were talking it.  He was just that popular.  Then.  But, first this happened:

History, made! Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic nomination

Then this happened:

Sanders endorses Clinton as Dems join forces against Trump

Then, this happened:

Here are the latest, most damaging things in the DNC’s leaked emails

Pretty rough, it verified every conspiracy theory the Sanders’ supporters had claimed the entire election, and worse.  Debra Wasserman-Schultz had targeted voters using religious stereotyping, had insulted Sanders’ staff, and had pretty much made sure that any chance Bernie had of making a comeback were squelched in primarily the Kentucky primary, where questions about missing ballots were never resolved.  Bernie was robbed!  So, what do the Bernie supporters in Florida 23 do?

They re-elect Wasserman-Schultz.

Out of a little over 700,000 people in that district, 21,000 were so outraged with her they voted against her.

Out of those 700,000 people, 28,000 thought she was doing such a fine job they supported her.

A little over 650,000 didn’t even bother to vote.

That is a remarkable 7% turnout.

I’m not sure what statistically is the worst participation rate in a state level race is, but this has to be close.  Debra has to be incredibly relieved that she has reduced her congressional district to the most apathetic voters in the nation.  If even 1 in 10 had voted, she probably would have lost her job.

Two takeaways from this remarkable election:

  1. I don’t want to hear anyone, and I do mean anyone, living in the north Miami area complain about their government.  Shut up.  Don’t do it.  You all totally abdicated your right to complain.  When a crowd not much bigger than a high school football game bothers to even vote, the whole district is at fault.  You guys, for lack of caring about the government you expect to babysit you, have once again returned Debra Wasserman-Schultz to represent you.  And even worse, represent the US as a Member of Congress.
  2. Bernie Sanders’ political career is now officially dead.  I know he had more support in the spring than the 3% voter turnout he produced.  His supporters got screwed as bad as you can get in the presidential primary.  They were so outraged they apparently just gave up.  Do the world favor, stay home in November.  If Wasserman-Schulz is your idea of what you want representing your current values, just stay home.  I know who you all would be voting for anyway and it won’t do the country any more good than Wasserman-Schultz has.

Truly pathetic.  And people wonder why we keep sending these losers to Congress, and then complain about them once they are there, when they don’t even bother to vote in the first place.

About those Trump protestors

I watched ABC this morning for an hour.  George Stephanopoulos and numerous guests commented on the Chicago protesters disrupting the Donald Trump rally there.  He even had Bernie Sanders who proclaimed it was purely a racist thing.

What George did NOT do the entire show was show some of the less than flattering images from that rally.   Namely these people waving a communist flag ON CNN.  That IS CNN’s broadcast.  Anyone watching that, and we’ll just have to assume George Stephanopoulos did, knows that these people weren’t there simply to voice their opposition to Trump’s campaign.

If we are to believe they were sincere, then we have to accept that they were there supporting communism.  Which, is a form of socialism.  Which, is what Bernie supports openly.

Now, to be subtle, a lot of people DO have issues with communism and socialism.  I do.  It’s never worked, led to the deaths of millions of people, and people supporting it have never had the first logical argument as to why we would actually be better off with it.


We can assume the people waving those flags, dressing as Nazis, and stomping on US flags, were there for no other reason to disrupt the rally and stifle Trump’s right to free speech.

Which, of course, is a staple of communism, which is a form of socialism, which is what Bernie supports.

My belief?  This was nothing more than going to bed with Black Lives Matter ( and anarchists ) to protest anything Republican.  Bernie obviously got a stiffy thinking it was for him, but it wasn’t.  He needs to look longer in the mirror.  He’s not black no matter how hard he tries.  They will never “support” Bernie.  They’ll just hate his enemy.  A union formed from hate never ends well.  Ever.

Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire?

It’s all over the news:

(CNN)Bernie Sanders just made history.

His victory Tuesday night in New Hampshire broke a barrier as old as the republic: The Vermont senator became the first Jewish candidate to win a presidential nominating contest…..

Only thing is, Bernie didn’t win New Hampshire:

The ONLY thing that counts are the delegates. They are the ones that go to the convention and cast votes for the nominee. Hillary got 15, Bernie got 13 because the Democrat Super-delegates are ALL with Hillary. So, unless Bernie completely annihilates Hillary nationwide, she’ll get it anyway.