Riverdale and Smyrna tanking

This is pathetic:

#TNGBB: Riverdale & Smyrna girls basketball teams removed from postseason. Both teams placed on 1 year restrictive probation by TSSAA.

Riverdale purposely missing FTs. Tanking to be on a certain side of the bracket. @girlpowher @PBevBallNPrep pic.twitter.com/lEPbYb2BaO

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Smyrna trying to hand Riverdale the ball back. Intentionally getting called for a backcourt violation. pic.twitter.com/hkBPJIpEY7

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If I EVER hear of my kid behaving like that, he’s off the team, maybe permanently.

My kid has played on some good teams.  And, he’s played on some bad teams.  Coaching the winning teams is easy.  Coaching the losing teams is hard.  But, it’s the losing teams where sportsmanship is learned the most.  Kids have to learn to deal with keeping their heads up and facing adversity straight in the eyes.  And, every once in a blue moon, they overcome that adversity and pull off the upset.  These girls are learning to take a dive and hope for third best rather than take that chance at being #1.  That just sucks.  The Riverdale coach is Cory Barrett.  The Smyrna coach is Shawn Middleton.  These two have no reason to be coaching any more.


Who’s Going to win the 2015 NCAA Championship?

Unlike college football, everyone pretty much is invited to the NCAA basketball championship.  I got my favorite, who do you think is going to win it all this year?

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