Neil deGrasse Tyson does Edward Snowden?

For whatever reason, Neil deGrasse Tyson wanted traitor-turned-Russian-outcast Edward Snowden’s opinions on some topics.  The best I can tell all we got was meaningless blather that with encryption alien worlds may never be discovered.  I think that’s pretty stupid actually.  There’s a LOT of communications that are most desirably unencrypted being as you really, really, want to get you message out there.  Kinda like he did for example, except if it was a sincere message, they wouldn’t charge for it.

I like Neil fine, but him discussing science with people of less than questionable values just cheapens his status.  Seriously, why would anyone care about Snowden’s views of extra-terrestrial life?  Even on his podcast, look at the comments.  No one is the least bit concerned about the alien discussion, it’s all about what Snowden did.  The science was completely dismissed and cheapened.

Don’t do that any more Neil.  Talk to stars who have a brain that most people look up to.