Space Debris, Part II

NASA’s DART (Demonstration of Automated Rendezvous Technology) was launched Friday at 1:25 p.m. EDT from a Pegasus rocket, which was released from a Stargazer L-1011 aircraft at 40,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean.

The first sign of anything unusual was during on-orbit checkouts, when ground controllers saw higher than anticipated navigation errors, project manager Jim Snoddy said today.….

The guidance system sensed the empty fuel tank and commanded the spacecraft to retreat and enter the safe orbit that should lead it to burn up in the atmosphere within 10 years, Snoddy said.…..

This kind of logic just adds to the problem I complained about a few days ago.  NASA needs a lot more logical plan than this.  If the silly DART satellite will burn up in the atmosphere, then push it there now instead of letting it float around being a menace to space travellers for a decade.