Last night I didn’t sleep too well. Nothing terribly unusual about that. However, during my tossing and turning, I got to thinking how comfortable the couch would be. But, since it was kinda cold, and I didn’t have a blanket available right then, I toughed it out on the bed.

Which got me thinking. Why is it sleeping on the couch is oftentimes much easier than sleeping on a bed? I mean, couches are supposed to be something to sit on, the bed something to sleep on. I had a few thoughts on the matter and finally came to the conclusion it’s based on primal instinct. Man used to live in caves. I don’t think that was any accident. A cave had one entrance, and if man slept against a wall of that cave, his back was covered and he could see what was coming the only way they could enter. In essence, he felt protected and safe. Beds don’t have sides, you’re laying there vulnerable to attack from any direction. That breeds a certain amount of primal anxiety. Any anxiety from normal life just compounds the affect and before too long, you’re a nervous wreck trying to sleep. A couch provides a “wall” on one side. You’re back to facing your attackers the only way they can come in. All that vulnerability is gone. You’re safe, and therefore, you’re relaxed.

Just thought I’d share that with you all. I’m sure you’ll sleep better because of it.