Regional Global Warming?

Warming May Be Less Severe in Central U.S.

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Anticipated global warming by mid-century may be less severe in the central U.S. than elsewhere in the country, researchers said Tuesday.

Scientists at Saint Louis University and Iowa State used a detailed regional climate model to determine that estimated summer daily high temperatures will not climb as much in the area centered around the Missouri-Kansas border as in other parts of the country….

This doesn’t surprise me. Not only are there fewer urban areas in the Midwest, it’s not growing either. This has been the coolest summer in my lifetime. And, scientists have already noticed that most global warming occurs in cities, where the most weather monitoring is done.

I’ll place a standing bet that if the NOAA monitors very rural areas of the US, they’ll find no significant change in temperatures by 2040. In fact, over the last five years here, it’s been cooler than normal.