Spock is dead

From the time I was LITTLE, the Vulcan salute was a challenge.  I practically memorized the original series.  Loved the first Star Trek movie the most.  Even quoted Spock during a political debate in college.  Paraphrasing, if you elect me, you WILL live long and prosper.  Losing Leonard Nimoy IS losing a big chunk of my life.  There can no longer be a Star Trek with the originals.  It was tenuous at best, impossible now.  You simply can not have a Star Trek without Spock.  Period.

This is an awful day.


Riverdale and Smyrna tanking

This is pathetic:

#TNGBB: Riverdale & Smyrna girls basketball teams removed from postseason. Both teams placed on 1 year restrictive probation by TSSAA.

Riverdale purposely missing FTs. Tanking to be on a certain side of the bracket. @girlpowher @PBevBallNPrep pic.twitter.com/lEPbYb2BaO

Twitter Media

Smyrna trying to hand Riverdale the ball back. Intentionally getting called for a backcourt violation. pic.twitter.com/hkBPJIpEY7

Twitter Media

If I EVER hear of my kid behaving like that, he’s off the team, maybe permanently.

My kid has played on some good teams.  And, he’s played on some bad teams.  Coaching the winning teams is easy.  Coaching the losing teams is hard.  But, it’s the losing teams where sportsmanship is learned the most.  Kids have to learn to deal with keeping their heads up and facing adversity straight in the eyes.  And, every once in a blue moon, they overcome that adversity and pull off the upset.  These girls are learning to take a dive and hope for third best rather than take that chance at being #1.  That just sucks.  The Riverdale coach is Cory Barrett.  The Smyrna coach is Shawn Middleton.  These two have no reason to be coaching any more.


Ballsiest guy of all time

Nothing screams balls more than this:

On Feb. 12, 1984, astronaut Bruce McCandless, ventured further away from the confines and safety of his ship than any previous astronaut had ever been. This space first was made possible by a nitrogen jet propelled backpack, previously known at NASA as the Manned Manuevering Unit or MMU. After a series of test maneuvers inside and above Challenger’s payload bay, McCandless went “free-flying” to a distance of 320 feet away from the Orbiter. This stunning orbital panorama view shows McCandless out there amongst the black and blue of Earth and space.

Seriously, the only thing between you and the ground is two hundred miles of nothing.  You just have to trust that your jetpack won’t fail, and you won’t fall.  Not sure I have the balls to do that.

Jupiter Ascending

Great trailer. Greater visuals. Stunning to watch. But man, oh man, what a hot mess Jupiter Ascending turns into.  Things just happen that really take away from the movie constantly.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie go from great to awful in the span of two hours.  Bottom line, turn the sound off and it’s a good one thumb up.  The dialogue really is that bad.  The plot is good, but the sub-plots negate it.  To me, to have all this going, and still fall flat, is purely the director’s fault.

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/did-you-enjoy-jupiter-ascending/question-4719088/" title="Did you enjoy Jupiter Ascending?">Did you enjoy Jupiter Ascending?</a>

Bottom Line to me, it’s time for the Wachowskis to retire.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

This movie should have been a lot more enjoyable than it was. Samuel L. Jackson was just a little TOO crazy for the role. The accents were hard to understand, just a little too thick. And it relied on way too many cliches.

I got it that it was a parody, but a couple of scenes pushed the ultra-violence too far ( long ).

It just went on and on and on. We got the point real quick. The bonus gore wasn’t fun to watch. It sells itself as a parody, but comes across more as mockery. It just has a mean spirited feel to it.

After giving it a few days to sink in, no thumbs.

10 inches and counting of global warming

About that global warming thingy, Boston is not the only place shattering records for snowfall.  In a place that normally gets about six inches a year in snow, we have ten inches on the ground with possibly another three or four coming tonight.  AND, if things hold up, we will set FIVE record low temps this week in five days.  We’re even going sub-zero for three consecutive days.  People, this isn’t even New England.  This is Kentucky.


Marie Harf has ISIS all figured out

It’s not that they really WANT to run around beheading people and burning them alive, they just really want a good job is all.

( You thought I was joking, didn’t you? )

Marie Harf is a spokes person for the Obama State Department.

Just curious, exactly how good of a job would it have taken to have made Osama Bin Laden not want to kill as many United States’ citizens as he possibly could?