Deflated balls

Ok, so the NFL has decided, several days after the game is finished, that 11 of 12 of the Patriots footballs used during their 45-7 romp of the Colts were deflated.  In theory, helping them by making it easier to catch and hold on to the ball during a sometimes torrential downpour.

That seems overwhelming, case closed.  The Patriots should forfeit their next game.  Only problem is, that next game is the Super Bowl.  Ain’t gonna happen.

How much trouble would it have been to have checked the balls BEFORE the game, and DURING the game.  If a ball was found to be inadequately inflated, pump them up right then?  We do it during youth games.

The Patriots have been busted cheating before.  So, this Super Bowl championship, if it gets to that, will be tainted.

The NFL is a joke.  It runs around worrying itself to death about image, while overlooking very obvious silly things like assuring game equipment is adequate.  If a player had worn an unapproved headband, the NFL would have been all over it.  It’s a playground where very wealthy people make very wealthy money.  How the hell it’s still a non-profit is the biggest joke of all.  If Obama wants to tax the wealthy, strip all professional leagues of their tax-exempt status.  Since he could care less about following laws, all he would have to do is sign an executive order.  That’d go a lot farther to balancing the budget than his goofball state of the union directorates.


Charlie Sexton

OK, got a quick synopsis of all things Charlie Sexton in my life. Won’t take much, but still fun. When Beat’s So Lonely came out, I was in college, and partying like a fool. This was my #2 go-to song.

When we partied at Smith-Ballard, that song got played probably twenty times a night. I got complaints, but that was just tough. If I was drinking bourbon, you heard Beat’s So Lonely.

Which led to

In 1986 the rumor came out David Bowie was going to be touring with Stevie Ray Vaughan. That didn’t happen. So, the rumor then became that Charlie Sexton was going to be the lead guitarist for the Glass Spider tour. Now, in those days, you didn’t have the internet, you didn’t have much of anything for news outside of magazines and MTV was still relevant. So, having no real David Bowie pipeline in Appalachian Kentucky in 1986, I had to go with my gut. Being in college and being broke, I was forced to decide between Pink Floyd or David Bowie fronted by my favorite guitar player of the year. I went with Bowie/Sexton. Sexton decided not to tour. So, I wound up with:

David fronting Peter Frampton. Although probably a far superior guitarist, he wasn’t my favorite guitarist of 1986. That kinda put a damper on the show for me. When my date asked when they were going to play “Rebel Yell”, we had to part ways. That was pretty much it for Charlie and me for about 30 years.

So, this weekend my wife decides we need to watch a movie that screams not-me. It goes on and on and on and never really seems to be going anywhere. Eventually stumbling on this scene:

The roomie doesn’t say much. And basically gives the impression of being a burned-out rocker. But, he looks incredibly familiar. I hate that feeling usually. Finally my wife fills me in on the secret. It’s Charlie Sexton. He’s apparently alive and well.

That aspect of my life apparently found satisfactory closure.

Keep Moving Forward

Disney always has some Easter eggs in their movies.  Some are very, very, subtle.  Some, not so much.  This is probably one of the most overt, but probably overlooked ones they ever did:

How many people here can name the original author of that quote?  Don’t feel bad, I had to look it up.  But, on this 19th day of January, 2015, you should know.

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Keep Moving forward

Nowhere could I find a direct connection of King’s influence on this movie.  But, I seriously believe that’s where it came from.   If you think I’m full of it, perhaps your time could be better spent watching Disney’s blockbuster hit in theaters right now.

Michael Moore thinks Chris Kyle was a coward

Confession time, I hate Michael Moore.  Seriously, I detest the guy.  In the last ten years all he’s done is whore for publicity regardless of who he offends doing it.  So, given the success of American Sniper, it should have surprised no one when he tossed this tweet out there:

My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren't heroes. And invaders r worse

First of all, he doesn’t name his uncle in World War II.  I doubt he had one that was killed by a sniper.  Really, I do.  The guy is truly that classless.  The only guy we do know for sure who got killed and can’t defend himself is the guy Moore is slamming here, Chris Kyle.

<a href="" title="Michael Moore thinks Chris Kyle was a coward">Michael Moore thinks Chris Kyle was a coward</a>


January 20, 2015 update: Dean Cain, who knew Chris Kyle, responds to Michael Moore, who obviously didn’t. Seth Rogen decided to jump into the fray as well, calling the movie “Nazi propaganda”. So, Dean responded to him as well.

@Sethrogen Seth...I like your films, but right now, I wanna kick your ass. Chris is an American Hero. Period. Go to war. Then we'll talk.

@MMFlint Disparage #ChrisKyle to my face. We'll see who is a coward. #Disrespect #Coward

I was on the fence whether I was going to watch The Interview or not. Seth made my decision for me. I’ll skip it.

Richard Sherman and the Super Bowl

I really don’t care a whole lot for either team in this year’s Super Bowl. However, given Richard Sherman’s performances in the past, I can’t cheer for Seattle so long as he’s on that team.

Richard Sherman taunts Tom Brady

That doesn’t even include the bizarre rants from last year’s Super Bowl.

Obama offers France Kerry and James Taylor?

After taking quite a bit of heat for snubbing France during their show of support for the Charli Hebdo victims.  Especially given that Eric Holder was actually there and chose not to attend.  Obama whipped together our display of support for France:

Yup.  That’s John Kerry observing James Taylor singing You’ve Got A Friend.  No Presidents or Vice-Presidents, just James Taylor.  Obama just doesn’t have time for that.

I’m waiting for the video of the throngs of Parisians in the streets clamoring to hug John and James for their heart-warming show of support.


Where ya gonna go?

Woke up to these tweets from NASA:

Recap: #ISS crew inside Russian segment after a coolant pressure alarm. No signs of a leak. Controllers are assessing. 11 a.m. EST TV update

About 7:50 a.m. EST: A live #NASA TV update on the situation aboard #ISS. Watch

This would just terrify me if I were there. Where exactly you gonna go in an emergency? Sure, there are escape pods, but what if you don’t have enough time to get to them? You’re talking just a few inches of metal separating you from instant death 24/7.

The astronauts there have balls most people never even dream of having.

This is turning out to be a false alarm, but still……