Who’s Going to win the 2015 NCAA Championship?

Unlike college football, everyone pretty much is invited to the NCAA basketball championship.  I got my favorite, who do you think is going to win it all this year?

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Dragon docks

I never get tired of this stuff.  The imagery is always stunning to me.

Dragon docks

Even though Obama has set US space travel back about thirty years, it’s probably a chance for a new generation to experience the thrills I did growing up as we once again reach out to the Moon and beyond.

That’s about as optimistic as I am right now dealing with a President with no vision at all. Even though SpaceX is doing ok, man still can’t leave Earth’s gravity for the first President since Johnson.

The Cowboys got screwed

OK, so the guy catches the ball, takes two steps, lunges for the endzone, falls inches short, and loses ball. The referee standing right on top of the play immediately signals complete pass, no touchdown. Cowboys on the 1 yard line ready to face the Packers in an epic goal line stand situation?

Nope. It never happened. Some anonymous review analyst over-rode the referee standing right on top of the play and decided it was not a catch. Dallas immediately turns the ball over on the next play. Game over. No dramatic finish.

They screwed this one up royally. That WAS a catch. I’m not a Cowboys fan so no need for all the sour grapes claims. I’m a Randall Cobb ergo Packers fan at this time. The Packers might have stopped them anyway. A field goal wouldn’t have won, the Cowboys would have had to put it in the end zone to win it. But, we’ll never know because some idiot rules wonk determined that counting to three was more important than the obvious.

Video reviews are a good idea. However, when slowing things down to micro-seconds to parse the rules it isn’t realistic. Just replay the play at regular speed twice. If it isn’t obvious that the call on the field was wrong after the second try, move on.

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Heros – Je Suis Charlie

I didn’t make this video. I sure wish I had tho.

I honestly had never heard the French version of Heroes until today. I can’t imagine it having nearly the impact any other way.

They killed the cowards that did this. Good. A dead martyr can’t harm anyone else.

About 13 years ago Bowie sang the same song for other victims of another Muslim terrorist attack.

The religion of peace

This is what the religion of peace showed the world today:

From the Guardian
Muslims shooting an injured unarmed police officer in Paris.

They are shooting an injured, unarmed police officer in the back, in the middle of Paris, France.  In front of anyone who might have been close enough to see it.  Children could have seen it, it didn’t matter to them.  They did this shouting Allah Akbar.  They did this because they’re Muslim.

Someone give me the upside of this.

Sheila Jackson-Lee’s two Vietnams

Two Vietnams, living side by side in peace?

Just curious, how many Vietnams do YOU think there are?

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According to Wikipedia, there is only one Vietnam.  That’s not really a new thing, it’s been that way since 1975 when the US pulled out and let the communist North Vietnam invade the South.

That speech by Sheila Jackson-Lee was possibly the most embarrassing speech by a Congressperson in 2010.

Immediately after that speech, she had to defend herself in a local election. She got about 70%.  In 2012, after her people had a chance to consider the intelligence of their representative and make their opinion known, 75% voted for her anyway.  By 2014, when apparently more people had a chance to ponder what was representing them, she only got 72% of the vote.  So, the impact of being really ignorant of stuff fifth graders know pretty well is you gain 2 to 5% percent in Houston.

Sheila Jackson-Lee has given the world a profound amount of inane comments and very obviously racist opinions.  But, that’s apparently what the people of TX-18 want.

Houston, you have given us a problem.

This will be a thread on my blog.  I don’t blame the very stupid politicians in office as most people want to do. I blame the people that put them there.  Politicians are not Illuminati or assigned by some deity.  It is you, the voter, who puts them there.  And, in this case, and many others you’ll see here, it’s the voter that ignores the obvious and votes for them regardless of what they do as an elected official.  So, don’t blame the party, don’t blame the media, don’t blame some generic label like “good ole boys”.  It’s you, the voter, who’s 100% at fault.  In TX-18, there are about 650,000 people.  The most votes Jackson-Lee has ever gotten as 146,000+ in 2012.  In the last race she got 76,000+.  That means less than 12% of the voters determined what the other 88% got.

If you don’t vote, you get what you deserve and you can’t blame it on anyone else.  Period.

Now you’ve got a good idea where I’m coming from on politics.  Keep reading at your own risk.

Mike Brown must go

The Bengals lost again today.

The last time they won a playoff game was 1990.

You heard that right.  1990.

I’m not talking about the Championship, I’m talking winning a single playoff game of any kind.  At any level.  They’ve not done it.

In that time they’ve been through several coaches, several quarterbacks, several star running backs, a lot of criminals, and even more players.

One thing has remained constant the entire time, the owner who inherited the team through no merit of his own, has been Mike Brown.

At this point the people are so tired of hoping Mike Brown would disappear that now you’re seeing a LOT of people pretty well accepting the fact the only way to get Mike Brown out of the picture is for the Bengals to be sold most likely to someone in another town.

I’m OK with that if it gets him out of the NFL.  Even though I was at the AFC Championship game against San Diego and about froze to death, any loyalty I had to the team has been lost.

I can get to Nashville just as easily as Cincinnati.

Best performance of Space Oddity ever

Another one of my all-time favorite performances of any song at all is David Bowie’s 1973 appearance on The Midnight Special.  It was obviously quite theatrical and over-produced, two of the qualities I always enjoyed most about Bowie.  In this performance he features The Dubreq Stylophone to give it that haunting sound. This performance still gives me chills.

Space Oddity very recently regained significance when International Space Station astronaut Chris Hadfield performed it floating in his tin can:

Not quite the production value, but once again, the coolest thing in music.