Richard Sherman and the Super Bowl

I really don’t care a whole lot for either team in this year’s Super Bowl. However, given Richard Sherman’s performances in the past, I can’t cheer for Seattle so long as he’s on that team.

Richard Sherman taunts Tom Brady

That doesn’t even include the bizarre rants from last year’s Super Bowl.

Obama offers France Kerry and James Taylor?

After taking quite a bit of heat for snubbing France during their show of support for the Charli Hebdo victims.  Especially given that Eric Holder was actually there and chose not to attend.  Obama whipped together our display of support for France:

Yup.  That’s John Kerry observing James Taylor singing You’ve Got A Friend.  No Presidents or Vice-Presidents, just James Taylor.  Obama just doesn’t have time for that.

I’m waiting for the video of the throngs of Parisians in the streets clamoring to hug John and James for their heart-warming show of support.


Where ya gonna go?

Woke up to these tweets from NASA:

Recap: #ISS crew inside Russian segment after a coolant pressure alarm. No signs of a leak. Controllers are assessing. 11 a.m. EST TV update

About 7:50 a.m. EST: A live #NASA TV update on the situation aboard #ISS. Watch

This would just terrify me if I were there. Where exactly you gonna go in an emergency? Sure, there are escape pods, but what if you don’t have enough time to get to them? You’re talking just a few inches of metal separating you from instant death 24/7.

The astronauts there have balls most people never even dream of having.

This is turning out to be a false alarm, but still……

Who’s Going to win the 2015 NCAA Championship?

Unlike college football, everyone pretty much is invited to the NCAA basketball championship.  I got my favorite, who do you think is going to win it all this year?

<a href="" title="Who's Going to win the 2015 NCAA basketball championship?">Who&#8217;s Going to win the 2015 NCAA basketball championship?</a>

Dragon docks

I never get tired of this stuff.  The imagery is always stunning to me.

Dragon docks

Even though Obama has set US space travel back about thirty years, it’s probably a chance for a new generation to experience the thrills I did growing up as we once again reach out to the Moon and beyond.

That’s about as optimistic as I am right now dealing with a President with no vision at all. Even though SpaceX is doing ok, man still can’t leave Earth’s gravity for the first President since Johnson.

The Cowboys got screwed

OK, so the guy catches the ball, takes two steps, lunges for the endzone, falls inches short, and loses ball. The referee standing right on top of the play immediately signals complete pass, no touchdown. Cowboys on the 1 yard line ready to face the Packers in an epic goal line stand situation?

Nope. It never happened. Some anonymous review analyst over-rode the referee standing right on top of the play and decided it was not a catch. Dallas immediately turns the ball over on the next play. Game over. No dramatic finish.

They screwed this one up royally. That WAS a catch. I’m not a Cowboys fan so no need for all the sour grapes claims. I’m a Randall Cobb ergo Packers fan at this time. The Packers might have stopped them anyway. A field goal wouldn’t have won, the Cowboys would have had to put it in the end zone to win it. But, we’ll never know because some idiot rules wonk determined that counting to three was more important than the obvious.

Video reviews are a good idea. However, when slowing things down to micro-seconds to parse the rules it isn’t realistic. Just replay the play at regular speed twice. If it isn’t obvious that the call on the field was wrong after the second try, move on.

<a href="" title="Did the Cowboys get screwed?">Did the Cowboys get screwed?</a>