More Than This

Bumped into Bryan Ferry in London when I was a teen.  Was pretty cool, they rode up on pink trimmed Harleys.  I knew it was Roxy Music the second they pulled up, as they had signs on their bikes.  I told them I liked their stuff, they were semi-regulars on the new video music channels, but hadn’t done anything really big.  They gave us the usual meet and greet stuff, but Bryan told me to be sure and check out their next album, it was going to be huge.  The biggest hit off it was one of my all time favorite songs ever recorded.

It’s not very often someone makes a boast that big and delivers.

Does the Sun affect Earth’s climate?

At some point I’ll definitely go into greater detail.  But for the time being, do me a favor and give your opinion.  And even better, leave me a comment why.

<a href="" title="Are solar activity and the Earth's climate connected?">Are solar activity and the Earth&#8217;s climate connected?</a>

Imaginary greatest Bowie concert ever

If I could get Bowie to play a concert where he pretty much nailed fifteen or so of my favorite tunes, it would have looked something like this:

Who was The Man Who Sold the World?

<a href="" title="Exactly who was The Man Who Sold The World?">Exactly who was The Man Who Sold The World?</a>

Funniest Monty Python skit of all time

<a href="" title="What's the funniest Monty Python skit of all time?">What&#8217;s the funniest Monty Python skit of all time?</a>