Kingsman: The Secret Service

This movie should have been a lot more enjoyable than it was. Samuel L. Jackson was just a little TOO crazy for the role. The accents were hard to understand, just a little too thick. And it relied on way too many cliches.

I got it that it was a parody, but a couple of scenes pushed the ultra-violence too far ( long ).

It just went on and on and on. We got the point real quick. The bonus gore wasn’t fun to watch. It sells itself as a parody, but comes across more as mockery. It just has a mean spirited feel to it.

After giving it a few days to sink in, no thumbs.

10 inches and counting of global warming

About that global warming thingy, Boston is not the only place shattering records for snowfall.  In a place that normally gets about six inches a year in snow, we have ten inches on the ground with possibly another three or four coming tonight.  AND, if things hold up, we will set FIVE record low temps this week in five days.  We’re even going sub-zero for three consecutive days.  People, this isn’t even New England.  This is Kentucky.


Marie Harf has ISIS all figured out

It’s not that they really WANT to run around beheading people and burning them alive, they just really want a good job is all.

( You thought I was joking, didn’t you? )

Marie Harf is a spokes person for the Obama State Department.

Just curious, exactly how good of a job would it have taken to have made Osama Bin Laden not want to kill as many United States’ citizens as he possibly could?

Deep Space Climate Observatory launch

This was a perfect, beautiful, launch:

In case you’re wondering what the Deep Space Climate Observatory is, it is replacing the Advanced Composition Explorer.

What that thing has done since 1997 is measure, most importantly, what is coming from the Sun at the Earth.  All those solar storm warnings you see?  That’s ACE stuff.  Satellites don’t last forever and ACE was expected to die anytime now.

Now, you don’t have to worry about not having that one hour warning when the next solar storm is going to hit the Earth.

Sponge out of Water

Me and the boy went to see The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.  There’s no point in even trying to review this movie.  It is 100% standard Spongebob fare. Even though he is twelve now,  as we have since he was born, we enjoyed it just fine.  I’m still partial to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, but this one will probably grow on me with time as well.

Just a clue here, Hollywood:

Other than Guardians of the Galaxy, the last several months have been HORRID viewing for family-friendly fun movies. Movie ticket sales have sucked as well. A good, fun, family-friendly movie comes out and BOOM! It’s #1 with a bullet. I’m not saying EVERY movie has to be kid-friendly. But, as much content as Hollywood cranks out these days, it’s not too much to ask to have a steady stream of good movies a man can enjoy with his kids.

The First Presidential Election

On March 11, 2014, Sheila Jackson-Lee spoke of our enduring Constitution that has lasted over 400 years.

Yesterday marked the 225th anniversary of the passing of the First Electoral College electing it’s first President.  They used the guidelines set forth in the US Constitution Ms. Jackson-Lee is talking about, the very same one, that had been passed two years before.

She only missed it by a couple of hundred years, give or take a couple of decades.

Just to be clear, she got her college degree from Yale, in political science.  Yes, that’s right.  Political science.  To this day, her husband is employed by, drum roll please, the University of Houston.

Why Obama can’t acknowledge the enemy

Over the last couple of days, a video has emerged of ISIS burning a Jordanian pilot to death. Just par for the course for this bunch. “Radical” whatever is about the best we can get from Obama. He went even farther, calling them barbarians. Regarding this particular act of depravity, Obama had this very stern warning:

Obama never mentions who they are by name. He’s going to “degrade” the nameless organization. And, he has no idea what their ideology is.

Wow. Bet he scared them really bad, huh?

Now, you can come to two conclusions here. Obama is either really smart and has some hard to understand strategy that is so over our heads that no one can seem to understand it. OR, he’s so stupid he can’t remember any of the details.

A lot of people like to think he’s just that stupid.

I think he has an ulterior motive that trumps world peace. Notably:

He can not, under any circumstances, allow the possibility that on an issue this big, George W. Bush was right. That pulling out of Iraq too soon allowed what was left of Al-Qaeda in Iraq to re-establish itself as something more dangerous than what was there before. Which wouldn’t be that big a deal if so many people hadn’t told him this is exactly what would be happening.

So, no, Obama can not under any circumstances admit that this is Islamic jihad. It’s not some crazed barbarian ritual, it’s not going away, and he’ll never in a billion years “degrade” it if he has to admit that everything he based his career on was wrong.

The King of Jordan very promptly executed two ISIS prisoners. He gets it. This is war. As long as Obama puts petty personal politics over national security, he won’t.

<a href="" title="President Obama has no idea who burned the Jordanian pilot alive">President Obama has no idea who burned the Jordanian pilot alive</a>

Seahawks blowing the Super Bowl

I would comment about the Seahawks’ decision to do this:

Instead of handing the ball to one of the most brutal short situation runners in the entire league right now.

But, I’m sure a million other people have beaten me to it.  That WILL go down in history as one of the most bone-headed calls of all time.

Because Seattle was in the playoffs this year, that goofball stat about how the stoner states are suddenly playing well floated around again. That MIGHT explain what we saw last night.