Our pathetic example of global warming and what it could be and how


John Roth shined his flashlight on a black streak flowing through the cream-colored marble forming the walls of the Oregon Caves.

The graphite line is graphic evidence of dramatic global warming that consumed so much oxygen that it nearly wiped out all life on the planet 247 million years ago, said the natural resources specialist for the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Scientists aren’t certain what caused the episode some 247 million years ago. They estimate that temperatures ranged in the low 100s year-round for thousands of years, he said.

“Its kind of scary that we don’t know for sure what caused the worst catastrophe of life on this planet,” he said.

Well, they kind of touch on some ideas, and totally omit others.  Some thoughts by a dangerously informed layman:

  1. It couldn’t be your run-of-the-mill global warming as we have it now, man wouldn’t even exist for a couple of hundred million years.
  2. It could have been one of those cataclysmic meteor/comet strikes.  As the Moon points out, there was serious activity going back then around that time ( give or take a few million years ).
  3. We could have been passing through the Oort Cloud, which more or less goes along with #2.
  4. The coup de resistance, Nemesis did it.

Huh?  Nemesis?  Now, not too many people are aware of Nemesis.  But, in a nutshell:

Nemesis is the name given by scientists to a (theoretical) small companion star to our sun. Every 26 million years, Nemesis’s orbit brings it close enough to the sun to bombard our solar system with billions of comets.

Now, it would seem to me if Nemesis got closer than usual, a second sun would be more than enough to heat the Earth up a couple of notches.  And, if the radiation didn’t do it, I would imagine being bombarded by billions of comets would do it for sure!  For more information, this is an excellent “source” on Nemesis:

Think this is all hocus pocus?  Think again.  A brown dwarf could easily be within an orbit close enough to Earth to wreak the havoc of “Nemesis”.  EASILY.  Think we should have seen it by now?  Think of it this way, we didn’t discover Pluto until 1930.  We didn’t discover Sedna until 2005.  Sedna, in case you don’t recall, is within our solar system.  So, think finding a dark object several thousand light years away is all that easy?  Hell, they nearly hit Earth all the time and we don’t even see them.  A brown dwarf would be a little bigger, but not necessarily a lot.  And, depending where it’s at, it wouldn’t have to be all that far away.  And, if it’s in or even near the Oort Cloud, we wouldn’t see it till it was right on top of us because of all the comets and meteors hitting us daily.  Trust me, if the Nemesis and/or Oort Cloud theories hold any water at all, global warming would be about the last thing on anyone’s mind.  If indeed, there was anyone left to think about it.