Microsoft Longhorn

Microsoft has been working on the latest update to Windows.  Now, I LOVE XP.  So, it will be a hard sell talking me into committing hundreds of dollars to switch all of the computers I’m responsible for to Longhorn.  So far, the main kicker Microsoft is offering that I have seen is embedded RSS feeds.  Now, this will definitely seal my decision not to use Firefox, but that’s about it.  That could be done with an updated Explorer without the expense of buying the new Windows package.  And, for that matter, I’m pretty much OK with using aggregators.  I know there will be some kicker to Longhorn that’s a lot more tantalizing than RSS feeds.  There will have to be.

Update from a decade in the future: For those of you scratching your heads, Longhorn was released as Windows Vista.  And, it was a disaster.