This weekend we went to see Apollo 18.  It was a really bad scared-in-space movie.  I felt cheated.

So, I looked up an old movie I hadn’t seen since probably 1969 or so that did it right.

Marooned was a an amazing movie considering what it had to work with.  CGI didn’t exist.  It has the usual sci-fi errata, but not so much to totally distract from the movie.  It has an 1968 all-star line-up.  It even has the approval from NASA to use their trademarks.  It is very well acted and features a lot of the technology of the time.  You get to see Atlas rockets, Saturn V’s, a Russian Soyuz, weather satellites, etc.  The concept of the movie affected some space flights ( notably Skylab ), and eerily preceded the events of Apollo 13 by a year.  It was a damn good sci-fi flick.

Just a subtle reminder, all thumbs up, WATCH THIS MOVIE!