Launch and Landing of Spacex Falcon 9

My God this is exciting stuff!

However, that excitement was dampened by this news:

The only thing that would be more exciting to me is if we could actually send a man into space and fix very expensive satellites.

You know, like we could before Obama was president.

  • Just a quickie update. Some people seem quite distracted by the fact that Kepler wouldn’t have been fixable even with the Shuttles due to it’s distance. That’s speculative. It’s not the point that this ONE incident might not have applied, but in general, with most satellites, it’s not an option. Right now, something mechanical goes wrong, they are just toast. There is no repair option any more.

    But, if it makes you feel better, they revived Kepler as of yesterday ( 4/11/16 ). For the time being anyway. Given it’s already two mechanical failures that prompted the name change to K2, I doubt anyone really expects it to keep going terribly longer.