I hate memes

Memes are  the lowest common denominator on the internet.  Seriously.  If you’ve got something really stupid to say, take a pic, stick the stupid on it, and it immediately spreads all over the internet by people who won’t put any more effort to check the stupid than clicking on the share button.  Seriously.  I hate memes.  If you have something to say, say it.  Own it.  Let people all over the world share your wisdom by quoting you.  Memes are almost always anonymous.  They want it to be that way.  Because, if they weren’t, we’d all know who to blame for that particular stupid thing.  I’m going to have a thread on here featuring stupid memes.  I might actually put a good one or two on here occasionally just to throw people off.  But, there’s not too many of those.  So.  Here goes, Stupid Meme #1.  It keeps circulating.  Since I know exactly what it is, and I know lots of veterans, and I know lots of people who think they are supporting veterans.

But, this meme is not about veterans.  Those are actors.  Very, very, popular actors.  That’s Robert Downey Jr, Ben Stiller, and Jack Black, among others.  It’s not like the people spreading this meme had no chance to have a clue.  Robert is Iron Man for crying out loud.  This, is a still from Tropic Thunder.  It’s a movie about making a movie.  It’s not a tribute to soldiers, does not feature real soldiers, and was never meant to make anything look good.  It’s a movie that offends every sensibility a normal person has.  And, it’s one of my top ten all-time favorite movies ever made.  If you’re going to tribute Vietnam veterans, get a picture of real Vietnam veterans.  There’s plenty out there and God knows they deserve it.  Otherwise:

Never go full retard