Heirs to the Throne?

Dick Bennett will retire as Washington State’s basketball coach after the season and turn over the team to son Tony Bennett.

Now, ya gotta understand, Dick Bennett, by virtue of this year’s 11-14 record so far, has managed a power rating of 110 out of 334.  That’s down slightly from last year’s finish of 92, but, there’s two games left and they might pull it off.  League wise, in his three years at Washington State, they have finished 7th ( 13-15 ), 7th ( 12-16 ), and so far this year, 8th ( 11-14 ).  He has never had a winning record at Washington State.  According to Jim Sterk, the athletic director who recruited Bennett, “He brought respectability back to the program.”  Excuse me Jim, but losing is not respectable.  Maybe at Washington State it is, but it’s sure not here.

Meanwhile, Eddie Sutton, after wrecking the University of Kentucky, doing basically nothing outstanding at OK St, is currently semi-retired due to yet another alcohol related incident, has named his heir apparent as well, his son too, Sean.

And, not to be outdone, Bob Knight, who’s career has constantly been hampered by his irrational outbursts and temper tantrums, is ready to pass on the reins of a program that has won nothing spectacular under his coaching to his son, Pat.

What is this?  Seems to me these are PUBLIC schools, not little kingdoms where the kings appoint the heir to their throne.  Bob and Eddie are at least debatable because it can be said their kids were raised in a winning environment.  You can hope they learned what it takes to win while also learning what it takes to stay out of the troubles their dad’s got into.  But I’m here to tell ya, Tony Bennett has no right whatsoever to be expecting the crown at Washington State.  He has been a part of a LOSING coaching system.  The people at Washington State need to be screaming mad.  Unless, of course, they consider losing every single year “respectable”.  What a joke.

The NCAA needs to ban kids working for their daddies who are coaches.  I’ll gladly take any examples where it has worked when the throne was passed down.  I can think of one.  ( Hint, think Georgetown. ) But that’s about it.