Hayward Fault

Scientists think they know where the next big earthquake will be in California.  Namely, right here:

See the town of Hayward?  That town sits right on the Hayward Fault.  ( That should be a MAJOR clue. )  Now, I would be a little more skeptical of Livescience’s article, but I remember watching a baseball game a few years ago and watching an earthquake knock it off the air.  Apparently they get pretty good ones all the time.  Now, the problem I have is unlike hurricanes, major earthquakes are not predictable.  Unlike tornadoes, earthquakes can devastate an entire region, knocking out infrastructure.  Unlike almost anything else, earthquakes can change the lay of the land making immediate reparations impossible.  However, given the awesome destructiveness of a major earthquake, and knowing the history of the area, some 2 million plus people have called the Hayward Fault home.   That’s a lot of people.  Let’s think of this way, it’s four times the population and density of the area affected by Katrina.  And, we knew Katrina was coming.  The next “big one” for Hayward won’t give us that luxury of planning.

Bottom line, knowing what we know, and the Californians knowing what they know, will they still try to blame FEMA if the President is a Republican when it does hit?  I mean, they’ve been warned.  Now the political playing field is exactly the same.  Everyone knew New Orleans could flood, and it did.  We all know it’s just a matter of time before a major earthquake hits California again.  But, people still move there.  I have several friends that live there.  They’re not morons.  They know the risks involved of being there.  But, when the next big one does come, how many people in that area will blame it on FEMA, the government, or anything other than their own decision to live there when people die and property is destroyed?

Final bottom line, there is risk involved no matter where you live.  That’s a given.  However, what is bothering me of late is people seem to refuse to acknowledge that risk and when that risk materializes, blame someone else for their own decision to live there.  Bad things are going to happen anywhere, there WILL be a major earthquake in Hayward.  No if’s and’s or but’s.  The Midwest will suffer from floods and tornadoes.  No if’s and’s or but’s.  The deep South will have hurricanes.  The northeast freezing cold and dangerous blizzards.  Earth is just a dangerous place.  Don’t blame it on FEMA or anyone else, you’ve been warned.