Hannibal trampled daisies?

In 1960, Victor Mature starred in the movie Hannibal.  I’ve seen this.  Once, I think.  If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it features Hannibal mercilessly driving his soldiers through the glacier covered Alps.  Some of his soldiers, and even elephants, slip on the ice and plummet to their deaths thousands of feet below.  It’s a really bad movie about reputedly one of the greatest military minds of all time.  Hannibal gave the Romans absolute hell.  He defeated the Romans in Italy before eventually exhausting his resources.  But, the climax to the Hannibal legacy was his march through the ice and wind driven snow of the Alps and Pyrenees.

Now, it seems, that may not have been the case.

At the time of the Roman Empire, for example, the glacier tongue was about 300 meters higher than today,” says Joerin. Indeed, Hannibal probably never saw a single big chunk of ice when he was crossing the Alps with his army.

Out of curiosity, I checked weather.com for the current conditions in Zurich.  It’s sunny and 84 degrees (F).

So, rather than falling off ice covered cliffs, it’s more likely Hannibal was trampling daisies on his way to fight the Romans.  Doesn’t make for quite as spectacular movie viewing IMO.

Now, come to find out, Vin Diesel is remaking Hannibal, the motion picture.  I just wonder which vision of Hannibal crossing the Alps he’s going to use?