Greatest scorer of all time?

My friends over at Independent Sources did a little research into the greatest scorer of all time.  As in, scoring babes:

Here’s the list they came up with:

10. Bill Wyman – 1,000
9. Magic Johnson – 1,000
8. Lemmy Kilmister – 1,200
7. Jack Nicholson – 2,000
6. Ilie Nastase – 2,500
5. Engelbert Humperdinck – 3,000
4. Julio Iglesias – 3,000
3. Gene Simmons – 4,600
2. Charlie Sheen – 5,000
1. Umberto Billo – 8,000

Pretty impressive by my standards, and that of most men I would guess.  However, it’s child’s play compared to the most prolific scorer of all time:

One Persian writer at the time estimates that one century after Genghis Khan died, he had 20,000 descendants.

Now, ya gotta understand, that’s JUST descendants.  How many times do you recken he didn’t bother to procreate?  To put it in perspective, Genghis Khan’s hobby was raping all the women and killing all the men.  Not only was he spreading his genes, he was eliminating the competition.  Today, some estimates have nearly 8% of central Asia’s population carrying the Genghis Khan DNA.

And to think 1 boy wears me out.

As far as the list goes, I never imagined this being the face of one of the most prolific charmers of all time?


That’s not Genghis, apparently Lemmy is god.  Should we try to imagine a future Europe where 1 in 12 people look like Lemmy?  And for that matter, another 1 in 12 look like Bill Wyman?

I think I’d rather not.

11/1/2016: Lemmy died a few months ago.  This is my throwback to him.  I’ll have another pretty soon when I can find it.