Expanding Glaciers?

Increased snowfall over a large area of Antarctica is thickening the ice sheet and slowing the rise in sea level caused by melting ice. A satellite survey shows that between 1992 and 2003, the East Antarctic ice sheet gained about 45 billion tonnes of ice – enough to reduce the oceans’ rise by 0.12 millimetres per year. The ice sheets that cover Antarctica’s bedrock are several kilometres thick in places, and contain about 90% of the world’s ice. But scientists fear that if they melt in substantial quantities, this will swell the oceans and cause devastation on islands and coastal lands.

Apparently the argument that the “melting polar ice caps” is not quite as clear cut as we have been led to believe.  Some are melting, some are growing.  Although “scientists” make the assumption that the Earth is continually warming, what happens if that doesn’t occur?