Ditching Dark Matter

Now, for starters, I have never been a fan of dark matter.  It makes no logical sense to me, and, the only practical purpose it served was to explain away what physicists couldn’t otherwise understand.  They had a problem explaining the expanding universe, BAM! enter dark matter.  Never mind that Einstein never needed it.

Then, a while back, I did a little piece on some guys that had made some logical advances on the string theory.  What string theory basically did was explain that everything that doesn’t make sense mathematically really does actually.  You just have to expand the math.

Now, it gets even better:

The theory that the accelerated expansion of the universe is caused by mysterious “dark energy” is being challenged by New York University physicist Georgi Dvali. He thinks there’s just a gravity leak…..

Dvali would modify the theory of gravity so that the universe becomes self-accelerating, eliminating the need for dark energy. He presented his work here earlier this month at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dvali borrows from string theory, which states that there are extra, hidden dimensions beyond the four we are familiar with: three directions and time. String theory suggests that gravitons — hypothetical elementary particles transmitting gravitational forces — can escape to other dimensions. Dvali says this would cause “leaks” in gravity over cosmic proportions, reducing gravitational pull at larger distances more than expected.

The concept that things are not accelerating, but meeting less resistance from a force we can measure makes a lot more sense to me than a force that does nothing but repel matter.