Damned unreliable wormholes

his is one of those “huh?” headlines:

Experts Say Wormholes, Time Machines Unreliable

Now, I originally wanted to do some satire about Ford recalling the 2005 time machines, and Toyota recalling their 2005 wormholes.  But, it just didn’t really suit me today.  So, instead, I’ll just explain the obvious.

According to a new paper by researchers Roman Buniy and Stephen Hsu, traversable wormholes and time machines cannot be both stable and predictable.

What they meant was they are not stable.  That was pretty commonly known anyway.  No one has ever relied on a wormhole or time machine ( that I am aware of ).  Stating they are unreliable just doesn’t sound right.  Let’s make the headline “Wormholes and Time Machines… Not stable. ( But you read this already if they are.”