Cyclical Melting Ice Caps

The melting of sea ice at the North Pole may be the result of a centuries-old natural cycle and not an indicator of man-made global warming, Scottish scientists have found.

After researching the log-books of Arctic explorers spanning the past 300 years, scientists believe that the outer edge of sea ice may expand and contract over regular periods of 60 to 80 years. This change corresponds roughly with known cyclical changes in atmospheric temperature.

The finding opens the possibility that the recent worrying changes in Arctic sea ice are simply the result of standard cyclical movements, and not a harbinger of major climate change.

The amount of sea ice is currently near its lowest point in the cycle and should begin to increase within about five years.

This makes more sense to me than anything I’ve read in months.  Although the effects of man have been predicted to cause about a 1 degree fahrenheit change in temps, the wobbling of the Earth affects climate more.  The changes in solar activity affect temps more.  A lot of things do.  The Earth has gone through many hot and humid stages and many ice ages well before man started burning coal.  For people to now take those obvious cycles and totally dismiss them and attribute all things climate to the activities of Man is totally disingenuous.  There is a balance somewhere in the middle of Earth’s cycles and man’s affect.  What I want to know is how Man affects that cycle.  If we understand how we fit into that cycle then we know what to expect in 20 years.  Totally ignoring that cycle guarantees those projections will be wrong.  If the Earth is entering into another ice age in five years, global warming will become moot.  We can’t burn enough coal and oil to stop that from happening.  What we will need to do is go to more effective and efficient energy to heat our homes and cities.  Nuclear will become more acceptable as the price explodes due to the increasing demands of cooling temperatures.  That will push Man away from burning fossil fuels a lot faster than any chicken-little warnings from Al Gore.