Cueva del Fantasma

I live in southeastern Kentucky. We’ve got caves all over the place here.  Some of them are pretty big too:

See that backlit thing in the bottom right hand part of the picture?  That’s a person.  That’s how big Mammoth Cave can get.  Although some caves are bigger, the Mammoth Cave system is pretty impressive, basically running underneath a good part of Kentucky.  We’ve got caves right here in my hometown as well:

That one’s pretty cool.  A river runs through it.  I have spelunked quite a few of the caves around here, some are pretty large by my standards.  Some drop off bluffs directly into the lake.  Some have unusual formations in them.  Some are just plain beautiful.  However, I have to admit, I never dreamed of a cave like the one just discovered in Venezuela:

Beautiful view huh?  Now, to get an idea of the size of Cueva Del Fantasma, see those two lighter colored objects sitting at the bottom of the cave?  Those are HELICOPTERS!