Charlie Chaplin and the Time Traveler

This is just plum weird.  Watch this first:

That is from Charlie Chaplin’s, The Circus, filmed in 1928.

Now, the guy who discovered this, George Clarke, made his own, more expansive video that explains where it came from and some of his own theories about it:

Straight up, I don’t believe in time travel.  Time is a form of measurement, it’s not a “thing” to be manipulated.  You don’t measure anything in negative feet, you measure it in positive feet going in a different direction.  So, I really don’t believe this is a time traveler.  Some people are speculating it’s edited.  Why bother?  George Clarke had nothing to do with the production of the DVD.  There is nothing to be gained outside of the people who marketed it.  Additionally, it’s not that easy.  So, I don’t really buy the edited stuff either.  I do buy that “she” might have been shielding herself from wind, or using a 1920’s hearing aid, while talking to her husband in front of her while he is dutifully ignoring her.

Anyway you look at it, this is just weird as heck.