Kerry upset by Iranians insisting they’ll do what they always said they would do

While John Kerry is stateside promoting his Iranian deal no one seems to like very much, and most hate, the highest authority in Iran wasn’t exactly giving Kerry the assist he needs:

Ayatollah Khamenei, the highest authority in Iran, told supporters on Saturday that U.S. policies in the region were “180 degrees” opposed to Iran’s, in a Tehran speech punctuated by chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

So, we got a nuke deal that relies on trust with the person we have to trust pretty much telling the entire world he has no intentions whatsoever of cooperating.

Proving this deal is a disaster isn’t even a challenge, isn’t the least bit entertaining.  It’s embarrassing and sad quite frankly.

And quite frankly, this makes people want Donald Trump in the worst possible way for the worst possible reason.

So, although most people don’t feel Trump represents the Republican Party’s values, he’s got a HUGE lead right now.  And a big part of the reason is Trump is as far from being a John Kerry as you can possibly get:

“I believe you have to go in and strike Iran — not with soldiers,” Trump said. “You know, it’s not a world of soldiers anymore. It’s a world of air. It’s a world of different kinds of, you know, we’ve changed.”

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That, is why he is at 24% right now even with the negative publicity he’s had for a week.

Nastier Storms?

( Originally posted August 1, 2005, on Spacedream. )

I read this article in the Lexington Herald this morning:

The accumulated power of Atlantic hurricanes has more than doubled in the past 30 years, witha particularly dramatic spike since 1995, and global warming probably is a major cause, according to a study to be published this week…..

Though a connection between global warming and hurricane ferocity might seem logical, the report by a reputable climatologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the first to draw a statistical relationship between the two.

OK, there’s the foregone conclusion that there are more and more powerful hurricanes in the last 30 years. global warming’s to blame. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. However, I have an issue with this whole article. ( Surprised? ) Let’s start with the, I would assume, equally reputable National Weather Service. I am going to use their data to get to the point I have. I am not a reputable climatologist at MIT, so someone feel more than free to help me out here. OK? Here we go:

Here is the graph from NOAA of Atlantic hurricanes by decade:

 DECADE  Category  ALL  Major
 1  2  3  4  5  1,2,3,4,5  3,4,5
1851-1859 7 4 4 1 0 16 5
1860-1869 5 8 2 0 0 15 1
1870-1879 8 5 6 0 0 19 6
1880-1889 11 9 4 1 0 25 5
1890-1899 8 5 5 2 0 20 7
1900-1909 10 2 4 1 0 17 5
1910-1919 8 6 4 3 0 21 7
1920-1929 7 3 3 2 0 15 5
1930-1939 9 4 3 1 1 18 5
1940-1949 7 8 6 2 0 23 8
1950-1959 8 1 8 2 0 19 10
1960-1969 4 5 3 2 1 15 6
1970-1979 6 2 4 0 0 12 4
1980-1989 9 2 4 1 0 16 5
1990-1999 2 7 4 0 1 14 5
2000-2009 8 4 6 1 0 19 7
2010-2012 3 0 0 0 0 3 0

That’s a lot of data.  So, I simplified it some.  Since the assumption is hurricanes are getting more powerful, I made a power index in descending order by decade.  This is what you get:

Decade Avg Power
1940-1949 4.9
1880-1889 4.5
1910-1919 4.4
1950-1959 4.2
1890-1899 4.1
2000-2009 3.8
1870-1879 3.6
1960-1969 3.6
1930-1939 3.5
1990-1999 3.3
1851-1859 3.1
1900-1909 3
1920-1929 3
1980-1989 2.9
1860-1869 2.7
1970-1979 2.2
2010-2012 1

Whew. NOW I see it. If you take the average power by year, the last decade ranks at the top if you disregard the previous decades.

Folks, this “research” by MIT is so bogus is pathetic. It then even drew conclusions for the future based on this conclusion they reach by ignoring the previous 100 years:

The 2005 season, with a record seven named storms by July 23, provides unpleasant support for that conclusion.

Now, the article does go on to cite some criticisms of Kerry Emanuel. They show that Emanuel cherry picked his data to come to his conclusions. Well DUH!

This is the worst “research” I may have ever seen in my life.

Think about this folks, 2 of 2005’s named storms, that Emanuel cites as evidence to support his conclusion, never made landfall. How much does he want to stake on a guarantee that SOME major storms in the not-too-distant past were never observed?  What Emanuel has actually done is prove that there is:

  • Scientists willing to skew data to push their philosophical agenda, and:
  • Media more than willing to print anything to push their philosophical agenda.

That’s all this research does.

Hell, I won’t even go into the days I recall when people were concerned about a lack of hurricanes in the 90′s.

Another decade has passed since this original post.  The facts have only damned Kerry Emanuel’s claim.  This current decade has seen ZERO major hurricanes and only a hand full of minor hurricanes.  I’m sure MIT rebutted Emanuel’s “findings” at some point.  I’m too lazy to look for it. ( And equally sure MIT didn’t.  Debunking bogus Global Warming claims isn’t very high on academia’s priorities. Especially with this President’s administration. )

Riverdale and Smyrna tanking

This is pathetic:

#TNGBB: Riverdale & Smyrna girls basketball teams removed from postseason. Both teams placed on 1 year restrictive probation by TSSAA.

Riverdale purposely missing FTs. Tanking to be on a certain side of the bracket. @girlpowher @PBevBallNPrep

Twitter Media

Smyrna trying to hand Riverdale the ball back. Intentionally getting called for a backcourt violation.

Twitter Media

If I EVER hear of my kid behaving like that, he’s off the team, maybe permanently.

My kid has played on some good teams.  And, he’s played on some bad teams.  Coaching the winning teams is easy.  Coaching the losing teams is hard.  But, it’s the losing teams where sportsmanship is learned the most.  Kids have to learn to deal with keeping their heads up and facing adversity straight in the eyes.  And, every once in a blue moon, they overcome that adversity and pull off the upset.  These girls are learning to take a dive and hope for third best rather than take that chance at being #1.  That just sucks.  The Riverdale coach is Cory Barrett.  The Smyrna coach is Shawn Middleton.  These two have no reason to be coaching any more.