Aurora Borealis Comes in View…..

This is what someone in Quebec ( Jean Chiasson ) has been enjoying since September.  Even with all the solar activity, we’ve gotten nothing here.  They have some incredible aurora pics there.  Definitely worth the visit.

And yeah, that’s a gratuitous Flock of Seagulls reference:


The Day the Earth Changed

I don’t think some people realize how big an event the Christmas Tsunami was.  Besides the massive death toll, it changed the Earth.  Very few times in a person’s life will they actually witness an event that changes the actual world.  Not man’s world, but the world itself.

That was Trinkat Island.  It is now two islands.  Some islands are gone.  The world actually slowed down 3 microseconds.

The magnitude of this event still amazes me.

Mega Tsunamis

Millions in U.S. Face Mega-Wave from Island Collapse

By Jeremy Lovell

LONDON (Reuters) – The bad news is tens of millions of people along the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada may drown if the slow slippage of a volcano off north Africa becomes a cataclysmic collapse…..

“A future president of the United States must make a call on what to do when La Palma collapses,” he said.

I’ve seen this story on The Discovery Channel or The History Channel, I believe it was a production by BBC, Jeremy Lovell doesn’t have any scoop here. The question I have is, what can be done to stop this? Once the wave gets going, it will hit pretty much the entire eastern seaboard. I mean, for a president to decide what to do once it’s on the way is pretty fruitless other than to go on tv and tell everyone to get the hell out of there NOW. What was not explored during the tsunami special or the Lovell article is what can be done to prevent this from happening. The basic theory is La Palma ( part of the Canary Islands ), has two parts to it, one newer than the other. The newer part, due to shafts of super-heated water, is slowly pushing the older part away. At some point, the older part will fall off and create a super-tsunami 100 feet high and several hundred miles wide by the time it hits the US and Canada. I want to know what can be done to prevent this from happening rather than what can be done once it does happen. Is this the proper time to say “DUH!”?