Possibly my favorite song by David Bowie is Heroes.  A big part of the reason are, per the norm for Bowie, the lyrics.  It packs a punch.  Because of the theme of two ordinary people being heroes by loving in the face of all levels of resistance, it resonates, especially in the face of oppression.  In my lifetime, nothing has been more oppressive than Islam.   People are scared to death in the US to be labeled “Islamophobes”, but Islam has no problem blowing those people up equally with those that do recognize Islam for what it is, a bully based religion that rewards the bully at the expense of the victims.  The bully gets 72 virgins, the victim a life in hell. That’s the “religion of peace”.

On October 20, 2001, Bowie performed Heroes for the firefighters and emergency responders who had worked tirelessly, some having sacrificed their lives, to deal with the aftermath of a Muslim attack on New York City. It was one of Bowie’s greatest moments:

NYC – heroes by MoonageWebdream

In 2015, the French version of Heroes was used to memorialize the victims of another Muslim attack, this time in Paris, France. The video created for the Charlie Hebdo victims was beautiful:

And now, one year later, we’re enduring another massacre by Muslims in Brussels.

I don’t need another re-imaging of Heroes. I just wish people would wake up to what’s going on. The Islamophobes have one thousand years of terrorism supporting their argument. The people pointing fingers only have their opinions.  And, their opinions are costing innocent people their lives.