We rented Battleship yesterday. It kept the boy occupied for probably and hour and a half or so. For that, it was worth it’s money.

But, this is an awful, awful, movie. One spoiler and that is all. During a critical moment in the movie, they have revived the mothballed USS Missouri. They are using it to attack an alien warcraft that has destroyed modern battleships with no real effort. It has destroyed missiles, jets, everything thrown at it. So, about all that’s left is this 70 year old ship. The critical moment of the movie involves the USS Missouri, a very large, very steel, very heavy, and very slow ship to head right at the alien ship, make a hard left, drop anchor, which, being in the middle of the deepest ocean on Earth, causes this 100 ton ship to stop on a dime thus evading the game pegs from hitting it. Everyone is standing intact ready to fire the heavy guns.

Everything else about this movie is standard cliche stuff.  Bad aliens, love interests, family drama, yuck.  I had to keep telling myself this movie was just made for entertainment purposes only.

No thumbs for this one.