The Future of Human Spaceflight is Bright?

That’s the words Charles Bolden had to say this past week.

I kept trying to figure a way to get a piece of the article, detailed enough to get the point across, but not so much to violate the intent of copyrights.  I can’t do it.  It’s just too absurd.  So, here’s the whole thing with the link to to make it theirs.

Even though NASA’s iconic space shuttle program is ending in a matter of weeks, the future of American human spaceflight remains bright, according to NASA chief Charlie Bolden.

Private spaceflight firms will pick up NASA’s slack before too long, ferrying humans to low-Earth orbit and back relatively cheaply and efficiently, Bolden told reporters here at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Thursday (July 7).

And handing off that taxi service to commercial companies, Bolden added, will free the space agency up to do what it was meant to do: explore further afield in our solar system. So the nation is not abandoning human spaceflight, despite a pervasive public perception to the contrary, he said.

“The future of human spaceflight is bright,” Bolden said. “You’ll hear me say that over and over and over again.”

You get that?  Although the US won’t be doing any more human space flights, the nation is not abandoning human space flight BECAUSE someone else will still be doing it.  Virgin Galactic is NOT a US company.  I think most people are pretty aware SIR Richard Branson is a Brit.  What if Iran buys out SpaceX?  Does he REALLY think SpaceX can compete with the Chinese?

Given the ball for a buzzer beating half court shot to save NASA, Charles Bolden, rather than shooting the ball, would rather tell us how great someone else could have shot it.

The space race is over.  If you want to go to space now, you have to make your reservation with Russia.

May 3, 2017 update. The United States still has not been able to put a man in space since Bolden’s rosy assessment nearly six years ago.  We are STILL paying the Russians to do it for us while everyone keeps bragging on the fact the private sector, after six years, is ALMOST about ready to try.

When Kennedy said we were going to the Moon, we got it done in LESS time than they have had to work with in the private sector.

Think about that.