The Ozone hole shrinks again

( From Spacedream, October 4, 2007 )

Much has been made about the hole in the ozone layer over the last thirty years or so.  I remember predictions ages ago where people were projecting the complete destruction of the ozone layer thereby allowing out of control global warming and cancer epidemics that could doom mankind.  In the 1970’s and subsequently, man did some things to hopefully alleviate this catastrophe such as banning CFC’s.  However, the doomsayers persisted.  Some predicting the entire ozone layer would be gone by 2018.  However, what is happening is not what was predicted.

Threesomes are good for you?

( Originally from October 4, 2007 on Spacedream. )

I just read where apparently they have undoubtable proof ( as in they’re stuck together and petrified for eternity ), that lizards have been having threesomes for 175,000,000 years.  It doesn’t say how long lizards have been trying to enforce monogamy.  But, 175,000,000 years is a long time. I could see getting tired of the same person after about 1,000,000 years.  So, I can see the advantage to having a third every million years or so to keep the spark alive.