Global Warming May Boost Deaths

That’s the headline from WebMD.  The sub heading states:

Hotter Summers May Mean More Heat-Related Deaths, Experts Predict

It’s a very brief article explaining that hotter summers may increase heat related deaths.  But, I gotta wonder why the obvious other side of this story wasn’t acknowledged, it would go something like this:

Global Warming May Prevent Deaths

Warmer winters may mean fewer cold-weather induced deaths, Expert Predicts


Warmer winters may mean fewer inclement weather driving deaths, Expert Predicts

Just seems kinda obvious to me.  Thought I’d help them out.

Cassini Iapetus Flyby

This is getting cooler than I really thought it would. Check out this incredibly ugly little Saturnian moon, Iapetus.

JPL has a lot more pics. It’s getting really close now. However, unlike Io or Europa, the closer it gets to Iapetus, the uglier it gets. This poor little moon has obviously been battered hard by meteor strikes. It’s little spine circling the moon is the source of a lot of speculation. However, my completely uneducated guess is those two really large strikes on the same side have something to do with it. If you’ve ever squeezed a pingpong ball really hard you’d know what I’m referring to. That’s just a guess tho. I’ll leave the hard science up to those who get paid to do it. I’m in the boat of those people who just LOVE seeing this for no other reason than curiosity.